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  1. MegatronM

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    I think this guy peed on the carpet.
  2. MegatronM

    Favorite quotes from Earwolf shows!

    I can't stop calling people "bro" from UTU2TM. And every single episode where Horatio Sanz plays a character and goes fully off the rails.
  3. MegatronM

    Show us your Earwolf swag!!

    Anyone else have trouble getting their goddamn t-shirts? All I want is a fucking t-shirt! This must be what the Scotts feel like with Bono. (P.S. thanks to Engineer Cody Nick at the Earwolf store for his help)
  4. Ask Engineer Cody Cody if we'll need to update our iTunes subscriptions
  5. Slowing it Down 1 - PFT yelling "YES!!! JESUS CHRIST!!!" makes me pee a little every time I think about it.
  6. The "Game of Thrones" scene made me pee my pants a little bit.
  7. MegatronM

    Episode 228 — Acapella Cuddle Puddle

    I doubt Hot Soccermom reads these but it's worth a shot - CBB is literally the only thing that gets me through work every day and I want to thank you for that. This episode was perfection - Ice-T saying IT'S BEEN and MY WIFE made me cry laughing at my desk. So thanks to Mott Skockerman and "Ice-T" for such quality entertainment. ~MegatronM