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  1. JuicyMelonJim

    R&B for Office Ladies

    After Howard's most recent R&B "office lady" explanation on this week's Who Charted, I got all inspired and made a song about an office lady listening to R&B. Cheers. https://soundcloud.com/juicymelonjim/hey-office-lady
  2. JuicyMelonJim

    CBB Plugs 2015!

    Short but stupid. What's up, hot dog? https://soundcloud.com/juicymelonjim/cbb-plugs-2015
  3. JuicyMelonJim

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Haven't posted in forever, but had to come in and thank Scott and everyone for getting this episode out. It's goddamn painful but wonderful to hear. My heart goes out to all of Harris' family and friends. This just absolutely sucks.
  4. JuicyMelonJim

    Pluh Puh Plugs

    This is another plug theme submission. For plugs. "Plugs". http://soundcloud.co.../pluh-puh-plugs Please to enjoy. p.s. this took me two months. I hope it pays off.
  5. JuicyMelonJim

    Episode 108 — Jersey Brawls

    This is one of my favorite episodes, possibly the best. Jessica should be guesting on all Earwolf shows on a regular basis Howard's high school superheroes stories had me crying at work today. I want this to be the basis of a new web series. C'mon Howard!
  6. Since I'm too lazy to record a new theme, I'm re-submitting one I recorded several months ago. http://soundcloud.com/juicymelonjim/plugs-up-hot-dog-memorial
  7. In Who Charted ep 89, I was inspired by Howard's explanation of why he wouldn't want to know if his girlfriend was cheating as well as the discussion of how persuasive singers are on Chelsea Peretti. My inspiration somehow produced this tune. Please to enjoy. http://soundcloud.com/juicymelonjim/the-other-man