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  1. I agree that Migrant wasn't their best. If you haven't checked out the B sides (The Migration Annex) it's more than worth a listen, and is generally much better. Casey doesn't seem to know what a B side is supposed to be. Also, IMO The Color Spectrum is one of the greatest musical releases in the last decade, but then again I was introduced to TDH through that collection.
  2. If you're into Prog Rock (specifically new-prog) there's always incredible gems being released, but pretty much none of them will ever be heard because they are nothing like modern popular music, but they also seem to be rejected by a big chunk of the classic prog lovers. My favs from the year: The Custodian - Necessary Wasted Time The Dear Hunter - Migrant (the B sides are the best part in my oppinion, and their massive back catalog is unreal) K Sera - Collisions and Near Misses Come to think of it, 2012 was a much bigger year for prog rock Anathema - Weather Systems Gazpacho - March of Ghosts The Pineapple Thief - All the wars Swans - The Seer (this album is more of an 'experience' than music, though it really is a masterpiece. It will give you very deep and bizzare feelings) Non prog music from 2013: City and Colour - The Hurry and The Harm (I'm Canadian). Sound City - Real to Reel (there's some real duds, but there are a few great jems) Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends (not their strongest album, but Danger Mouse was involved in this one so if you like his work it's more than worth a look)
  3. I would also like to put a vote in for the CBC sketch in Toronto. It was a pure delight!
  4. GerryDee

    Episode 257 — Nuts As A Pile Of Nuts

    I went 'nuts' when Texter showed up
  5. GerryDee

    Episode 254 — LIVE from Comedy Gives Back

    I imagine Dailymotion will release it as part of the VOD thing that they are doing to continue raising money. At least I hope they will do this (I'd like to watch it again, I was thrilled that my WYR question was selected ).