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  1. John Grant was so great during the character segments, please have him back on the show sometime.
  2. I greatly appreciate yall uploading on Saturday when no other podcasts come out. Fills the void
  3. What an uncanny experience it was. I thought I felt a cool breeze of sanity washing over me amidst all the antics that had spiraled out of control as per usual by the end of that "podcast" when I heard the familiar BOOM CH BOOM BOOM CH BOOM BOOM CH, CLAP CLAP. But I was swiftly robbed of my moment and forced into a fetal position, sobbing and convulsing as I heard the twisted, evil voice, swearing vile curses at me through the distorted noise. I immediately reached my sweaty shaking palms over to my Apple Computers Macintosh Book and shut the lid. But the sound kept coming out of the speakers, so I knew that either my computer had been infected, or there were some demonic brainwaves in the audio file that had temporarily hypnotized and/or possessed me. (It wouldn't be the first time ) Hallucination or not, any rational person would at this point immediately discard of this infected hardware, so I did just that, hitting it with a hammer a few times before throwing it out the window. My window faces a bush and it's kinda just sitting on top of the bush cause I didn't wind up my throwing arm good enough, I could have thrown it further if I wanted to though. Anyway I will never be tuning in to that "podcast" again.
  4. elizamuffins, you're taking proper steps to ensure your kid is the coolest smartest and best kid in school. How do the other kids even deal with that?
  5. qualiaa


    And PLEASE don't put any "inside jokes" on it this time! I can't understand half of the shirts in the store now—I figure there must be some sort of "in joke" that I'm just not getting!
  6. no spoilers? but my very sexy car gotta go vroom at very very fast speeds!! hows it gonna do that now?
  7. qualiaa

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    anyone notice hayes seemed especially sexy this episode. mayb the presence of lady fans? maybe just an excess of testosterone in the blood? whatever it is i want more of it.
  8. HEY welcome to Hollywood Handbook, welcome back, to the insider's guide to kicking butt Hollywood Handbook insider's guide to kicking butt and dropping names in the red carpet-lined back hallways of this industry we call showbiz and dropping names in the red carpet-lined back hallways of this industry we call showbiz what up what up
  9. Unfortunately it seems Doug may have been indoctrinated into a cult, not entirely dissimilar from the aforementioned Scientology. http://www.suggestibility.org/ (The Natural Law Party is also a branch of the TM organization.)
  10. I'm tempted to say this every week, but this REALLY IS the best episode of Hollywood Handbook yet.
  11. here's a fun thing, dunno if a clip from COPS is fair game, but start at 0:50
  12. 87 minutes of Hayes and Sean? Finally, somebody upstairs is listening for once...!
  13. qualiaa

    Episode 181.5 — 5/23/14 TWO CHARTED 120

    The banner picture for this episode is the perfect summary of all the Armen episodes so far.