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  1. A divers note never misses, but three times a boat and there will be kisses.
  2. why do i feel like this is gonna get picked lmaooooooooo
  3. Splitting further apart from our actual selves. Our perfectly edited sayings. Our brilliant comments and gorgeous tops. Our perfect, proper penises. Our voluptuous, venerable vaginas. Our wildest, wettest dreams becoming digital little realities.
  4. The password is "classword", but the CLASS WORD is 'password'.
  5. I miss the days when each ep would have its own forum. I know it's organized like that on reddit, but reddits not the same. I miss the good ol days when scott himself would comment. I miss the "IT'S NOT A FUCKING MEDICAL PODCAST!" days! That is all.
  6. This catchphrase is fine, but it's no euripidy shorts, I'll tell ya that much.
  7. Riddle me this, riddle me that. Something, something. Oops all farts.
  8. I just thought of the perfect catchphrase that will definitely stick, this one isn't it, but this one is pretty good too.
  9. If this is your first time listening to this podcast you're probably very confused right now. You're all like, "What? I don't get it. What is he doing right now? Why doesn't he just start the show?" Well you know what first-time listener? You can go fuck off and jump in a pond of mud-manuer, and I will start the show whenever I goddamn please.
  10. I don't like cheese so fuck you.
  11. This sentence would be so much better if it had more than fourteen words. Maybe this one will? Nope. Dammit. I suck at this.
  12. Eat my fucking shit, cumbags.
  13. AaronSinger

    Jeff Q&A

    Here's something I've been wondering about. I always stream the episodes straight from the Earwolf site. Is that bad, sponsor-wise? Would it be better if I downloaded each podcast episode from itunes in order that my listening to the podcast would show up in the actual numbers for number of downloads? Or is there some way to count the number of times each episode is streamed from the site as well?