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    Jeff Q&A

    Awww.. I listened to it If you guys end up doing it again or doing something similar, I would suggest shorter intros and analyzations for each episode.. Nothing against Matt Besser obviously he's awesome and hilarious, but it took a while to find the actual part of the show where I could hear the contestants and their challenges, rather than hearing people talk about the contestants and their challenges. In general though, I definitely enjoyed it, I loved the concept and I would love to listen to another season of Earwolf Challenge or something similar.
  2. AaronSinger

    Jeff Q&A

    Is there going to be another Earwolf challenge season next year? And, if so, how would you go about trying to enter?
  3. 1. There should be a way to tell if you've already listened to a specific episode of a podcast. 2. You should be able to rate each podcast as a whole as well as each episode of each podcast. Am I crazy? Am I literally the only one who forgets the names of each episode of comedy bang bang they've listened to? And gets annoyed at myself trying to figure out which episode I haven't heard yet? Dammit, Aaron! Get your shit together! WHY, younger version of me from high school? why did you have to smoke SO MUCH WEED?!?! Now my short term memory is essentially useless! Sorry, what was I talking about? Oh, right, how to make your site better. Thanks! --Aaron
  4. http://soundcloud.com/aaron-singer/my-song-50
  5. I'm not dead, I'm just sleeping! ... Also, I sleep-talk.
  6. Aaron Singer - The PLUGS song http://soundcloud.com/aaron-singer/aaron-singer-the-plugs-song
  7. I really didn't like this catchphrase, but I picked it anyway.
  8. I don't just recommend it, I Scott Aukerecommend it.
  9. PLease tease Louise about being Japanese!
  10. http://soundcloud.com/aaron-singer/aaron-singer-cowboy-cyber
  11. As Harris Wittels watches Indiana Jones in his Mustang, he tells people he's Harris in Ford.
  12. http://soundcloud.co...bertron1k-plugs
  13. Welcome to comedy bang bang. Thank you, Aaron Singer, for that catchphrase, and in case you didn't hear me let me say that again.
  14. I am canceling the catchphrase suggestions so stop submitting them, unless of course, this is just a catchphrase, but it's probably not because that would be stupid. Why would I purposely confuse the audience?
  15. thanks for choosing it! I put it up as a joke! I didn't think there was a chance in hell it would actually get played lol
  16. I say thank you, you say your! Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang!