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  1. Splitting further apart from our actual selves. Our perfectly edited sayings. Our brilliant comments and gorgeous tops. Our perfect, proper penises. Our voluptuous, venerable vaginas. Our wildest, wettest dreams becoming digital little realities. 

  2. If this is your first time listening to this podcast you're probably very confused right now. You're all like, "What? I don't get it. What is he doing right now? Why doesn't he just start the show?" Well you know what first-time listener? You can go fuck off and jump in a pond of mud-manuer, and I will start the show whenever I goddamn please.

  3. Here's something I've been wondering about. I always stream the episodes straight from the Earwolf site. Is that bad, sponsor-wise? Would it be better if I downloaded each podcast episode from itunes in order that my listening to the podcast would show up in the actual numbers for number of downloads? Or is there some way to count the number of times each episode is streamed from the site as well?

  4. I think the Analyze Phish episodes need their own playlist from the podcast drop-down menu rather than being hidden amongst all the other 'Earwolf Presents' specials, so they can be easier to find...

  5. Maybe we should start some sort of e-mailing campaign to let IFC how much it would mean to us for them to renew CBB for a 2nd season: ifcfeedback@ifc.com


    Email might not mean too much to them, but I think it couldn't hurt...

  6. This one is kind of random, but is there any chance Jon Benjamin might be coming on Comedy Bang Bang any time soon? He was the first guest on Aisha Tyler's podcast and it was one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my life!

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  7. I just want to say that nick's idea would be awesome.. Or if not a podcast, maybe a blog, similar to Jake Kroeger's weekly blog of Nerdist.com where he accepts fan submissions for comedy videos and makes a list of the top 5 funniest videos of the week. I think a blog or podcast where professional comedians discuss fan submitted material (standup sets, comedy sketch videos, etc) would do really well. Especially, like Nick said, considering the insane amount of submissions there already are every week for the comedy bang bang catchphrases.

  8. What would you say would be the best way to ge the word out to IFC that they need to renew CBB for a second season? I e-mailed them a few times, but I've heard mailing actual physical letters is the best way to get your voice heard...

  9. Awww.. I listened to it :) If you guys end up doing it again or doing something similar, I would suggest shorter intros and analyzations for each episode.. Nothing against Matt Besser obviously he's awesome and hilarious, but it took a while to find the actual part of the show where I could hear the contestants and their challenges, rather than hearing people talk about the contestants and their challenges.


    In general though, I definitely enjoyed it, I loved the concept and I would love to listen to another season of Earwolf Challenge or something similar.