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  1. inactiveuser501

    Episode 82 — Double Team

    Completely agree with June that Rodman gave a fine job. I compared this movie to Fair Game a lot, and Rodman definitely had more better reads than Cindy Crawford. Also, Jason may have been on to something with the idea that Stavros owns the tiger. That tiger both reveals Van Damme and is his method to kill him (Of course, that would have meant Stavros had to have set up the entire carnival before hand, or my personal favorite theory, that Stavros bought the tiger after the shootout)
  2. inactiveuser501

    Episode 81.5 — Minisode 81.5

    I hope we can all agree that the four things this movie is obsessed with are Breakaway Glass, Random Uses of Tigers, Coca-Cola, and Needlessly Putting Children in Peril.
  3. inactiveuser501

    Episode 77.5 — Minisode 77.5

    No no, I got THAT. What I'm asking is what Mimi's PLAN was? Did she honest to god want to be a singer, or did she trick Lucy and Kit to go with her knowing that she was going to meet parents. I know she changes her mind, but she does talk about talking to lawyers and seeing pictures and parents, which I thought meant THAT was why she wanted to go.
  4. inactiveuser501

    Episode 77.5 — Minisode 77.5

    Guys, this is a serious question. Did Mimi really go to California to become a singer, or to meet parents to adopt her baby. Because even though she already knew she wanted to give the baby up, she attempted to be the lead of the karaoke group, which tells me she still had singing dreams, but then we end with BRITNEY singing at the audition. Why did Mimi, or hell, ANY OF THEM need to go to California.
  5. inactiveuser501

    Crocodile Hunter Collision course

    I'll be honest, when I saw the title on the forums, I assumed that someone was already trying to make a biopic about Steve Irwin with the most inappropriately tasteless title ever. Glad to see that it's just Crocodile Dundee IV
  6. inactiveuser501

    Episode 77.5 — Minisode 77.5

    Wow. Oh wow, I just rewatched this. How did I not catch Mimi's ex's asking her "How's the fetus?" We need to talk about Blue Bottled Beer, Anson Mount's rampant sexism, rapey guy from the Karaoke Bar, the idea that Dan Aykroyd and Kim Cattrall hooked up, Zoe Saldana's entire storyline, and the creation of I'm Not a Girl (Not Yet a Woman).
  7. inactiveuser501

    Episode 77.5 — Minisode 77.5

    This is literally one of the best Chistmas Present that a comedy podcast about movies could give. BRING ON THE UNCOMFORTABLE STORY LINES!!!
  8. inactiveuser501

    Episode 77 — Hudson Hawk

    It honestly would not shock me if Covert Affairs did an episode entitled 'Nundercover'.
  9. inactiveuser501

    Episode 77 — Hudson Hawk

    The excitement over Nundercover is making me sit through the movie to thoroughly enjoy the podcast. And guys, I think I Love this fucking dum-dum movie. I'm 1/3 in, and Bruce Willis looks like he is enjoying hinself, and I'm obsessed with the Hospital Gurney-on-Highway scene if for no other reason than seeing Bruce shout "TOLL BOOTH?!?"
  10. inactiveuser501

    The House of Yes

    So looking for a bad Thanksgiving movie that wasn't Thankskilling, I found Pauly Shore's Son-in-Law and The House of Yes. I genuinely wish I chose Son-in-Law This film won awards at Sundance and the only legitimate reason that I could conceive is that all Indie Movie awards just had to go to Parker Posey in the 90's. She plays an insane woman who mimics Jackie Kennedy and goes into a jealous rampage when her twin brother announces he is engaged to Tori Spelling. Freddie Prinze Jr. plays her other brother in what I believe is an autistic performance. There is ridiculous costuming, there are reenactments of the JFK Assassination, and the ending is pure madness. This apparently is critically loved but I have no idea why. I guess the acting is fine, but the dialogue was called 'quick and witty', and I just didn't see it. This was so upsetting and to think they tried to pass this off as a 'black comedy' is just ridiculous. I was just about to write this off as a bad movie, but when I learned the Writer/Director would go on to do Freaky Friday AND Mean Girls, I lost my mind. Please unravel this insanity.
  11. inactiveuser501

    Anna Nicole (Lifetime 2013)

    With both House of Versace and Skyscraper on the board, I just need to talk about this. This film is...weird. That is my best projection. There is no phoning it in a la Liz and Dick, but...man did they take liberties with her life. She learns that she will become Anna Nicole Smith when she is 5 years old via an imaginary friend. She payed a surgeon IN CASH for her breast implants. They never go into the fact that Howard K. Stern thought he was Dannilynn's father, I have NO IDEA where Danny's drug addiction came in, there is no scene where she makes the transition from Vicki Lynn to Anna Nicole, her relationship with her mother is resolved even though she hated her UNTIL HER DEATH. J. Howard Marshall is shoved to the side when he is near death, and...and... This will divide a lot of people. It is Crazy-Good, Crazy-Bad, and Crazy-Upsetting at the same time. I would recommend people check it out, there is a low quality but watchable version on YouTube, but be prepared for anything. The trailer is fucking flawless BTW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfK-FYtr5Ac
  12. inactiveuser501

    Episode 75.5 — Minisode 75.5

    Alright, several things. 1) The villian's demise was the greatest thing I ever witnessed 2) They decide to destroy Cindy's home with a TV bomb while the assasin HAS A GUN AND CINDY IS IN PLAIN SIGHT OUTSIDE OF HER BOAT. 3) Cindy's role was optioned to Brooke Shields, Julianne Moore, and Geena Davis (who chose Cutthroat Island over this), even though this REALLY felt like a Cindy Crawford vehicle 4) Crawford and Baldwin seem to be trying but...no. Just no. 5) Watch this movie while playing "Find the Parallels to Cobra" It is amazing. All in all, a crapfest, but seeing as I loved Cobra, I shouldn't be surprised I loved this. It really is Cobra for the 90's
  13. inactiveuser501

    Episode 75.5 — Minisode 75.5

    20 minutes in, and the boat scene already proved why this movie is worth it. The dialouge (You wanna watch Headline News with me? No? It's not gonna kill ya), Billy Baldwin's sideways shooting, and the crown jewel, Cindy Crawford just flying out of that house boat.
  14. inactiveuser501

    The 2013 Holiday movie poll discussion

    On Jeff Rubin's show, Paul did say that he consider that Jack Frost to be on the same level as The Gingerdead Man as "Of Course It's Bad." Besides, Batman becomes a Horribly CGI'd snowman is just GOLD
  15. inactiveuser501

    Episode 75 — Daredevil

    I would pay top dollar to see June's face as she watches Elektra. It's horrible, but I just know, and I mean JUST KNOW that she will connect with the Mother/Daughter-esqe relationship between Elektra and the girl prodigy. And I know that if June loved see-saws and sandbags, she'll love sheets.