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  1. The Spont intros really are magic. The bit about Jurassic Park religious implications/ confronting fundamentalists with dinosaurs made me look like (more of a...) psychopath at work.
  2. The Figurines thing murdered me (commercial below). "Maybe you can trick your fat brain into thinking you are eating cake..."
  3. I think that there are very few things on the planet that PFT hates more than folks who yell out during the show (I love how he handles it).
  4. This is why Spontaneanation is the best - I would have never thought that I would be typing "That part with the Velveteen Rabbit killed me" on a message board...
  5. Eban hitting part of the Burton Batman theme in the beginning was magic...
  6. Hey Cody, I think my levels are off. It sounds like someone screwed with the balance again. Okay, more... a bit more and... all good, thanks bud!
  7. I am not here to brag, but I totes noticed that it was not Monday BEFORE Paul mentioned it.
  8. The emotion that Cal Solomon showed in the mattress ad really overloaded my feels. I am DONE with the Sugar Hill Gang; they are NOTHING without the sad guy. ...NOTHING.
  9. JamesClark

    Episode 132 - Bloodsport: LIVE!

    I would like to request a "Did That Hurt Yo Dick?" Tee-Shirt, STAT.
  10. Having Jonathan Coulton on the show is a triumph! I'm making a note here... huge success! It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
  11. All right, we'll see you next time on Comedy Bang-Bang. Thanks so much - bye!