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  1. I actually love this film, but I acknowledge that "Grease 2" is perfect fodder for this show. A young Michelle Pfeiffer singing! Maxwell Caulfield (who might be the prettiest face to ever grace the silver screen) not singing!! Adrian Zmed as a teenager!! Although I liked someone else's "Congo" suggestion in another thread, "Grease 2" would be my second choice.
  2. atrac

    Congo (1995)

    Like I posted somewhere about a year ago, THIS is the movie I thought of when I first heard about this podcast. ...and it's finally happening. I could not be more thrilled. I am going to have a huge smile on my face for this one. Yeah baby!!!! Thank you!!!!!
  3. atrac

    Grease 2 (1982)

    "Yeah, let's do it for this podcast!!!!"
  4. atrac

    Congo (1995)

    I was very surprised that this film doesn't appear on the "For Your Inconsideration" site. Come on guys, you just gotta do Congo!!!
  5. atrac

    Bad Summer Movies!

    Having just discovered this podcast (and having listened to them all within a week), I am very very surprised that they haven't done this film yet. It would be number one on my list. It is truly an insanely good "bad" movie and literally needs to be deconstructed by them. Congo!!!!