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  1. TheGr8Sarcasmo

    Episode 30 — Deeding The Zyrax

    I haven't listend to this episode yet, but let me just say, as a guy who has never played D&D, that this is quickly becoming one of the best parts about my Wednesday. Besides getting off of work and lunchtime, it falls third. Thanks for being awesome.
  2. TheGr8Sarcasmo

    Episode 64.5 — Minisode 64.5

    No lie, this is a DVD I own and have watched about 30 times in my life. Can't wait for this ep
  3. TheGr8Sarcasmo

    Episode 64 — After Earth

    Kind of off topic, but has anyone else noticed that movies from year to year follow some sort of common thread? Last year the big thing was Archery (Brave, Avengers, Hunger Games, etc.) this year it is this sci fi genre focused on Earth being a terrible place (Elysium, After Earth, Oblivion). Back to the topic, I'm halfway through this ep and still not one single "afterbirth" joke. I'm getting worried.
  4. TheGr8Sarcasmo

    Episode 131 — Long Haired Man-Thing

    Took a couple of seconds and made your picture not bug me anymore.
  5. TheGr8Sarcasmo

    Favorite Bad Movie Quote

    Don't, You'll have nightmares. But this particular scene was insanity.
  6. TheGr8Sarcasmo

    Batman: The Movie (1966)

    This movie is amazing. I laugh every single time I watch it. Two word on why this movie needs to be done: Exploding Shark.
  7. One of my favorite bad action movies. Fred Ward is Remo Williams, trained in mystical fighting styles which allow him to walk on water. So much of this film is amazing.
  8. TheGr8Sarcasmo

    Bad Halloween Movies!

    Oh snap, didn't eddie murphy do a haunted mansion movie?
  9. TheGr8Sarcasmo

    Bad Halloween Movies!

    Gotta be The Reaping. Hillary Swank awfulness.