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    CBB LIVE - 7-25-13 - Montreal - Tig Notaro & Brent Weinbach

    I think the audience wasn't into it because that was not a character. That was a half-assed voice at best, and a lot of flailing attempts to get laughs just by mentioning gay stuff and talking "black." Guess what? There's nothing inherently funny about sucking dick! That was some weak ass middle school shit, and the audience - the smart CBB audience - didn't laugh because it wasn't funny. I couldn't even finish the episode, which bummed me out because I love Tig and she was great as always. It's okay to swing and miss at something, but it's not okay to miss because you didn't feel like lifting the bat off your shoulder. Just lazy.
  3. I'm sorry to report that we're no longer accepting catchphrase suggestions. They got way too self-referential, and it really started to annoy me.