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  1. Actually better yet: "Welcome to the Titular Podcast. I am your titular host, Titular Titular."
  2. "Welcome to the Scott Aukerman Show. I'm your titular host..................Scott Aukerman."
  3. ArthurDigbySellers

    What guest do you want to see?

    Armen Weitzman. The episode of Who Charted? where he filled in for Howard was legendary. The dynamic between him & Scott was hilarious. Also: Kerry Kenney & Jane Lynch
  4. All but one man died, there at Bitter Creek. And they say he ran away. Bang-banged, scorned as the one who ran. What do you do when you're bang-banged, and you know you're a man?
  5. ArthurDigbySellers

    Thanks to everyone at CBB.... Last night's show in Detroit was amazing

    I have to know if anyone in NYC won an iPod
  6. ArthurDigbySellers

    Episode 248 — Todd's Life 2.0

    "I feel different, I think I...cummed?"