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  1. It's always a bad sign when a film can't secure the rights to a piece of music, but instead of abandoning it they create a legally above board soundalike piece of music. Like uncanny valley for your ears.

    Henry Mancini - Lujon clip



    There were more but I can't remember right now.

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  2. A few things:


    -- everybody in this movie seems to answer phone calls and the person on the other end is asking if they have any messages or something... also, who answers a public pay phone? But this also means the phones work... Yet they never even try to call for help


    -- so this mall wants high tech security robots... But really DOESNT want 1 alarm? There isn't 1 alarmed store in this whole building


    -- The upgraded security was big news in the mall. They held s demo in the middle of the place... Now you're a group of "teens" planning an... Orgy party... Wouldn't you say "let's not do it the same night that they upgrade the security system?


    I came to the forum to remark on the alarm thing. Multiple store front windows smashed and no alarms. Not even a silent alarm that alerts the killbots that a specific store has been broken into. Seems like a strange omission considering the insane level of security otherwise. Was this technology not invented yet in 1986?

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    That's all really great information, and I get that I'm arguing a bit of semantics here, but I feel like you're answering "how come" and not "why." Of course they're called Sleepwalkers because that's what Stephen King called them and it sounds somewhat evocative, but, in universe, why are they called Sleepwalkers? What about their abilities has anything to do with "Sleepwalking?"


    Maybe on top of all their powers and whatnot they're also afflicted with harmless episodes of sleepwalking, and they just choose to identify with that rather than the cat stuff.

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  4. I think part of what makes the world building in this movie so poor is that King seems to want the sleepwalkers to embody both the vampire myth and also just be their own weird species. There definitely seems to be a sire type relationship between the mom and the son like she created him the way vampires do. Because they seem to be locked into an emotional age that matches their human form. But I think we're also supposed to assume that sleepwalkers are "naturally occurring" and we're supposed to feel some sympathy for them up until Charlie takes his villain turn.


    My biggest question is how have they made it this long (presumably hundreds or thousands of years) when they are this stupid? Charlie presents transcripts that are clever fakes to get into high school. Except he makes them from a town that doesn't exist? And when Charlie is having his joy ride run from Andy and Clovis he attempts to run down children getting off a school bus as a cherry on top. The sleepwalkers are all gone now because Darwin was right.


    I also thought that 'mother' and 'son' were used in the vampiric sense, and that at some point in the past she turned a human man into a sleepwalker. If I remember Buffy and Angel correctly Darla sired Angelus, but they also had a romantic relationship and went to bone town on a number of occasions.


    But then they were worried about being the last of their species. If they reproduced through 'siring' then they could just go out and make more sleepwalkers. My current position is that they are in fact mother and son, and they show familial affection in ways that seem very sexual from our narrow human perspective. Maybe we should judging these poor animals just for having a bit of innocent mom 'n' son cuddle time.

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  5. The moment I heard what the movie was I thought "maybe it's in their?", and after sifting through 40something movies, including the near entire series of Gilmore girls box sets (No S7 it seems) with 5 dvd's left, there was SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE


    I'm almost certain the lack of Gilmore Girls S7 was purposeful.


    Gillies know what I'm talkin bout.

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  6. I really feel like June was getting to this when they were talking about culinary hygiene but never really got to it. Not only does SMG not wear a hairnet, but when she is fretting about cooking for Tom and his girlfriend, she pulls out a big hunk of raw chicken with her bare hands, and as her anxiety grows, she repeatedly runs her nasty fingers through her hair. Gross!


    So, not only is she apparently ignoring her mother's tried and true recipes, but she is also contaminating her customers' food--not to mention that her hair probably smells like rotten chicken. Is it really any wonder why her restaurant is closing down...



    Weird poultry stuff is really becoming a trope in HDTGM.


    Did anyone else, in the midst of all the crab discussion, start to find the sound of the word "crab" inherently hilarious? It was like the Gyooby situation all over again for me.

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    You mean that amazing movie with Dan Stevens that made me suddenly find him attractive and made me buy a bunch of music from some amazing bands I had never heard of?


    Yep, that one. I also enjoyed that movie a lot, and still listen to the soundtrack.


    This movie on the other hand... should make for a great episode of HDTGM.

  8. I'll tell you this though, Twitter has fucking ruined Father Ted and The IT Crowd for me, because Graham Linehan has shown himself to be such a huge douche, I tried watching them, and all I could think was "He's such a douche".


    I remember he was very dismissive of some of the heartfelt and justified criticism of the transsexual storyline in IT Crowd. That was a bit disappointing. But Father Ted is amazing!





    Very confused feelings. Hate Simon Cowell. Love receiving approval on the HDTGM forums.

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  9. Okay, since there's UK accent talk in this thread as well, I just have to say that I have a thing for the Scottish accent. Like, a lot.


    Well, hullo there... *knocks back a Glenmorangie, adjusts kilt*

    Actually I don't think my accent lines up with any of the famous scotspeoples' that people might enjoy. :(

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