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  1. 2013 heist flick...with magicians!


    This movie is an interesting case study. Throughout it's run time, the film is pretty solidly mediocre until the twist at the end, which I'm convinced had to have been a last minute rewrite, retroactively makes the entire thing a giant, steaming turd.


    Also, it was directed by Louis Letterier. I realize that movies are a team effort with creative input from many different people, but every single film that Letterier has directed I've absolutely hated. Yes, even that one you're about to cite that you're sure I've forgotten about.


    I think you're forgetting about 'The Empire Strikes Back'!

  2. Maybe cornballs is paying some back alley dealer for cassette recordings of the podcast at increasingly inflated prices. Or maybe he's got some kind of time-share on an ipod.


    I've got my own hopes for future movie choices (c'mon, Space Jam!) but I find that generally speaking it doesn't really matter what film it is when the gang is firing on all blazing guns. 88 Minutes certainly isn't a film you'd naturally expect to lead to the joyfest that is 'HDTGM: 88 Minutes'.

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  3. 1) I want to be on this thread for historical purposes and B) Why was Demi at the courthouse without her car?


    At this point this thread has become therapy for those who put themselves through the ordeal of watching this film.

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  4. I agree this one is ripe for the pickings. A huge blockbuster, shite on so many levels but still fun to watch (or maybe that's just nostalgia talking, I haven't watched it in a while). I wouldn't know where to begin. The witch, the american accent, Alan Rickman, Bryan Adams, tree houses, an unnecessary close up of a steaming turd.

  5. The AVClub have just posted an interview with Kurt Fuller. I particularly enjoyed this little nugget:


    But there was a scene where I offer him money to go to my network, and he’s supposed to shove a check down my throat, and his line is, “I won’t be around when this check clears.” But nobody told him that, on movies, you fake it. In wrestling, they really do a lot of the stuff. But he shoved a check down… my… throat. And I couldn’t stop him. I literally thought I was going to die. We finished the scene, and I coughed it up, and he said [Does a spot-on Hulk Hogan impression.] “Oh, sorry, brother, I didn’t know we were supposed to fake it!”

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  6. I enjoyed the lecture scene quite a lot, due to certain audience reactions and questions posed to Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman's reaction when asked what might might happen if someone unlocked 100% of their brain capacity was hilarious. All his research is based on percentages of brain capacity, yet he reacts as if he's never heard anyone use the phrase '100%' before. As if he just decided to always limit his speculations to about 40%.

  7. I haven't seen it, but I'd like to think that the French version is at least a LITTLE bit classier. Like, maybe she had the decency to give a good finger-blasting to a nicely-prepared cordon bleu or something.


  8. I watched this. So offensive. So, so offensive.


    The raw chicken squelching sound effects alone are puke-inducing. But to see an animal carcass substitute for a human vagina was... unforgettable. I suppose the family ate the chicken that evening. In a way, they ate her pussy. In a way, we all did *shudder*


    And has Demi Moore always sounded so hoarse? It sounded like she prepared for each scene by shouting into a pillow in her trailer for an hour.

  9. Regarding the arm situation, when he said "she won't be needing this anymore" it seemed to be in regard to the shark, as in she won't be needing this as food anymore. The amount chewed off is just another example of bad design and prop work by this movie.


    Also when Tara Reid went in to get her plastic surgery do you think she said "make me look like the jenna jameson of today?"


    I didn't see the movie, but listening to this episode my interpretation of this line was also that "she" is the shark. How he knows it's a female is a mystery.

    "Well, I don't see a shark dick flapping around in the wind. This one's gotta be a lady."

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  10. Your dated "generation X" style of berating Ernest makes you look even more outdated, and goddamn you all have the most annoying fucking douchebag "I'M IN THE BIIIZZ" LA shithead voices I've ever heard. I listen to this show as some odd anomoly of what delusional asswipes do in their spare time to impress each other and "advace my careeerr"


    Now I want to recategorise some of the podcasts on my Itunes.


    'Podcasts to Listen To as Some Odd Anomoly of What Delusional Asswipes do in their Spare Time to Impress Each Other And "Advace My Careeerr"'


    Can you please tell what else fits this bracket?

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  11. I'm gonna have to chime and admit to a certain fondness for Ernest movies, from childhood viewings on VHS. Ernest Scared Stupid especially. Partly because, as ComedyGangBang mentioned, the troll was frickin' scary.




    By the way, that's a child in his hand, transformed into a wooden doll. Its not an amusing Ernest transformation. That happens to children.

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    I'm not 100% sure, and can't be bothered checking now, but I think Chuck and Bobby were actually twin brothers. They have appeared together in other Ernest films, and like Ernest, they got their start in advertising.


    From Bill "Bobby" Byrge's Wikipedia:

    In 1986, Byrge began appearing alongside longtime co-star Gailard Sartain in a series of "Me and My Brother Bobby" commercials, produced by the Nashville advertising company Carden and Cherry, the same company responsible for the Ernest P. Worrell commercials with Jim Varney. Basic premise was Sartain and Byrge were, "Twin brothers who didn't look anything alike", while the schtick was loud-mouth Chuck (Sartain) would endorse a certain product, and in some cases, would bungle something in the process, while his quiet and collected twin brother Bobby (Byrge) would mostly agree with whatever Chuck's sentiments were with a simple, yet enthusiastic nod.


    So, Chuck and Bobby were the original "twin brothers who didn't look anything alike".

    Suck it, Schwarzenegger and DeVito.