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    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    When The SFPD Chief questioned Bond in the murder of the guy in city hall Stacey responded that he couldn't have done it because "This is James Stock of the London Financial Times." I didn't know those guys were allowed to murder people with impunity. Also the KGB agent diffuses his bomb, after Zorin tells him to, by unscrewing one piece from it. That has to be the easiest bomb diffusion in the history of bomb diffusion.
  2. Blurry Bigfoot

    Episode 90 — Sharknado 2: The Second One

    I'm with Hot Saucerman regarding the arm that was pulled out of the sharks mouth. Tara Reid only had her hand bitten off, while the limb pulled from the shark went up to the elbow. I'm sure it was supposed to be hers but she replaces her hand, not her arm, with a saw leading me to believe only her hand was eaten. I blame the props department for the blunder. Bad writing didn't clear things up either.
  3. Blurry Bigfoot

    Mac and Me Music

    After years of Paul Rudd showing the classic clip of a kid falling off a cliff while in a wheelchair on Conan, from Mac and Me, I broke down and watched the movie. One thing I couldn't shake was during the scene where the alien and kid in the wheelchair are being chased by the government guys, the song sounded real familiar. It turns out that Alan Silvestri, the guy who composed the theme song for Back to the Future also composed the song accompanying said scene. The thing is, he actually ripped off his own song 3 years later for Mac and Me. Here's the Back to the Future song from 1985 http://youtu.be/9eHtFTZFlOQ And here's the song in Mac and Me, 3 years later http://youtu.be/MQOFZQiVS1g?t=1h5m30s The similarities are impossible to mistake. This move truly is a pile of hot garbage, yet I want to watch it again.
  4. Blurry Bigfoot

    Congo-Gravity Connection

    Spoiler Alert: Laura Linney shooting her diamond powered laser gun into space to destroy a satellite is what sets off the chain of events in the movie Gravity. I know in Gravity they say the debris destroying everything in orbit is from the Russians blowing up one of their unused satellites, but that's false. It's blamed on the Russians because no one can know about the special diamonds that will change communications forever, and power laser guns. That information is still classified. Gravity is taking place as Congo ends and the surviving characters are floating aimlessly in a hot air balloon to "someplace good." leaving Sandra Bullock and George Clooney to deal with the debris form the satellite that Laura Linney blew up.
  5. Blurry Bigfoot

    Gymkata Omissions

    There were two things that stood out to me as completely ridiculous that weren't discussed, both during the chase through the alleys of Karabal. The first was the Star Wars blaster sound effects used when bullets hit off of the buildings. Out of all the garbage sound effects used in Gymkata this one bothered me the most. Also, there's a scene where Jonathan Cabot runs through the alleys and spots a bar, much like a high bar in gymnastics, that links two buildings. He jumps up and begins swinging around the bar and kicks the guys chasing him in the face. Why didn't the guys just wait until Cabot got tired and fell to kill him, or just shoot him while he's spinning like an idiot for no reason?
  6. If it looks like a duck and walks like it duck it might be a goose. How am I supposed to know what a duck looks like and walks like? I never said I was a duck expert.
  7. Blurry Bigfoot

    Demolition Man Taco Bell

    Can someone please explain to me how Taco Bell won the food wars? I think we need a 10 part documentary by Ken Burns to explain this important piece of soon to be history.
  8. Blurry Bigfoot

    Episode 47 — Super Mario Bros: LIVE

    There's one glarring omission from Episode 47- Super Mario Bros. Everyone failed to mention that in the video game Mario is the one that's trying to save the princess. Yet in the movie, Luigi is the one that, not only dates the princess, but saves her. I'm also coninced that Mario's girlfriend is running a whore house out of her tanning salon and the Brroklyn girls are the prostitutes.