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    EPISODE 122 - Death Spa: LIVE!

    Hey guys, I just wanted to weigh in on the whistler issue. Mainly because I was at the show and I was sitting directly behind him. Like... right... behind... him... He does not deserve to be defended, let me explain; He really was doing it through the entire show. (I think they did some heavy editing to get a lot of his interruptions out of the recording.) It was not the same as applause, it was annoying and disruptive. He was actually waiting till everyone was quite to do it. Also he was clearly drunk- his 4 friends where even telling him to stop and looked very embarrassed to be with him. Paul also asked very nicely to please stop the whistling before the recording started. (yes he was doing it before they were even on stage). It was almost too much to take, The only thing that made up for it was the epic shut down that Jason gave him after he admitted it. That was the best.
  2. NateKiley


    Hey Everybody, Research Intern Nate here, Just wanted to let you all know Corrections and Omissions from Both LOL threads have been included. The Shit Dicks convo is too good to leave out!
  3. NateKiley

    halloween suggestions

    Hey Guys, How would everyone feel about Hobo With a Shotgun? I love the over-acting so much! Some other Ideas: We could go back to Uwe Boll with Alone In the Dark or House of the Dead? Jason X? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; The Next Generation? Hollow Man? Just some Ideas, Thoughts?
  4. NateKiley

    Episode 88.5 β€” Minisode 88.5

    Yeah guys, Definitely find a way to watch this movie! It has to be seen to be believed! This is a truly dark story about a young boy with serious mental disorders, and his parents who are pretty sure he's fine... Don't get me wrong, there are absolutely some parts where you can fast forward. A good rule of thumb is if you hear pop music and they're running away from nobody, x32 that shit. Now wait, Gooby is NOT a bear. He's an Orange Fuzzy Monster, Just so we settle that right now. I kind of feel like all Canadian movies are like this... Can anyone north of the border confirm or deny this? Has HDTGM ever done a Canadian Production Before? Can't wait for the Live Shows!
  5. NateKiley

    Submit your HDTGM T-Shirt Designs HERE!

    You guys... Stallone Faces is the clear winner here… Controversial? Love all the designs! -Nathan Kiley