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  1. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang.
  2. DaddyShirt

    Heynong Hot Man

    Welcome to Comedy Hang Bang.
  3. DaddyShirt

    We will miss you Harris

    Thank you for releasing "Not Farts and Pro Four," Scott. Comedy Bang Bang means so much to me, and Harris was a major part of the family. He'll be missed in the CBB and Phish communities. Your episode made me laugh and cry today. Goodbye Harris.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums, but I've been a fan of the CBB Podcast for a while now. I love Mr. Show, as well, and I love alternative comedy. I live in Chicago, but I recently found out that I will be in LA for 12/4/12. I just found this out today, so I missed the on-sale for the CBB Nativity Pageant. I'm looking for two extra tickets (one for me and one for my girlfriend). I know that this is a ticketless event, so I am hoping some cool people out there miraculously have two extra seats. We are totally cool people who like to laugh, so you'd have fun sitting next to us. We are willing to pay full price, including any fees, and we'll buy you a drink or something if you like that kind of thing. We are reliable people, and we would never leave anybody hanging, waiting for us outside of the venue. I promise to remain in contact if any sort of agreement is made. Anyway, I hope that everyone who does make the show has a great time. In the meantime, I am making a donation to the LA Regional Food Bank-- for good karma. Thanks, everyone! Have a great Thanksgiving! See you at the movies! -Charley