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  1. MajestyShredding

    Episode 190 — You Know What I Mean?

    "Woof Woof!" is the next "Womp It Up", just watch Next year it'll even have its' own K-Pop song
  2. MajestyShredding

    Episode 188 — Attack of the Shits

    Great episode, as always, but if only we could get Neutral Milk Hotel on the show. Sure, their last record came out when Wompler was 2 years old, but CBB's gotten rarer guests before.
  3. MajestyShredding

    Submit clips here!

    When the magical talking shoes are the least strange thing about your cheap MC Hammer cartoon, you know you've found a real piece of buried treasure (or garbage, I honestly can't tell anymore) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8WYh8uz3pQ