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  1. BroccoliRob

    EPISODE 349 — The 6th Anniversary Show!

    So happy to see the Santa character come back. 2nd best part of the ep: Scott being the last one in the room to figure out that the duck character is a specific reference.
  2. BroccoliRob

    Episode 75 — A Good Ol’ Tavern Brawl

    They mentioned that they might do a couple of these Danger Rooms "to get the Creative Juices flowing" but I hope they stick with this scenario for a while. I really like the characters and starting over kills the momentum.
  3. BroccoliRob

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    We'll miss you Sark! Come back soon! Interested to see what the gang does next? I still want to know what happened to Stargoyle, but I don't know how a campaign searching for him would work if Blaine is DMing...
  4. BroccoliRob

    Episode 75 — Daredevil

    June, thank you so much for being brave enough to have the lone voice supporting this movie. Everything she said is almost exactly how I feel. Out of everyone I know, I am the only person who actually enjoys this movie.
  5. BroccoliRob

    Episode 40 — Going Back To The Choppa

    I'm glad Sark decided to up the damage on Blackie's lightning staff. It seemed low the past couple times he used it, and now it's a weapon worthy of a guy who has, from what I've heard anyway, a pretty decent charisma.
  6. BroccoliRob

    The Gauntlet

    The second season of The Gauntlet http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=8024 has just started. I wasn't a huge fan of the first season, but they seem to be fixing a lot of their earlier mistakes and making it more fun to watch. It's basically a video game competition created by people who love video games and video game culture. I'm going to be watching Season 2, hoping it's going to be good.
  7. BroccoliRob

    Episode 35 — Riddle Me Why

    Get it right. According to Camilla, the correct pronunciation is "crucyfy".
  8. BroccoliRob

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    See what we've done!? Actions have consequences! Sean and Hayes may not be, but it's entirely possible that Brett is a real person! With hopes, dreams, and feelings! Not the cold, robotic algorithm that Sean and Hayes have, but the heart of a (possibly) flesh and blood human being. Only now I see the resulting destruction of my careless ways.
  9. BroccoliRob

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    Trust me, until that moment, there was nothing about Cara Maria that I found attractive, and I'm including personality and decision-making skills in that as well. But as soon as she flexed those guns, it was like the siren's call and my dick was Odysseus's ship, sailing for certain doom. But luckily she put her guns away and I was capable of rational thought again and steered my ship away.
  10. BroccoliRob

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    Ignoring 99% of what happened before this.... So how awesome was the Challenge?! I'm serious. I think this is my favorite episode of the Challenge to date. The game "Frenemy" was absolutely hilarious and was a brilliant move on production's part. Also, I am loving Sarah and Emily's winning streak. I really hope they take it all the way for the win. The Jungle was hilarious as well. Surprise! Jasmine fucked up during a physical/athletic challenge. So glad Theresa and Jasmine are gone. They might be the ones getting stabbed in the butts by a bunch of scrumbags, but they are super annoying. .... .... .... Did anyone else get a rock-hard boner when Cara Maria flexed her guns for the camera? O_O
  11. What Berry said said about making it family friendly really hit home for me. My grandma took my brother and I to see this when it first came out in theaters. I had absolutely no idea that there was a Crocodile Dundee 1 or 2, seeing how it was over a decade since the last move was released. I remember moderately enjoying it, but the most interesting part about this is that all the parts that were put in by Paul Hogan I remember being a little off put by how abrupt they were and how they just didn't fit in the movie. And all the parts that WEREN'T Paul Hogan's were funny and made sense. Everything he said about Paul makes perfect sense after seeing that movie.
  12. I know exactly what you mean! Well I'm not going to let them get to me!
  13. BroccoliRob

    Episode 33 — Antigua Is So Beautiful

    Until listening to this episode of the Reality SHEW shew, I had completely forgotten about the "accidentally voting in the guy I'm sleeping with" incident because I was originally just focused on Zach's craziness and his tum-tum issues. It was a great moment in television history when two throwaway votes allowed Diem to send Ty and Leroy to the Jungle. And I can see why Theresa (aka Wes' Bag of Garbage) is so mad at Diem because Diem clearly doesn't understand the concept of a throwaway vote. Theresa voted for Leroy so he WOULDN'T go into the Jungle. Duh! At least in the Jungle Leroy was temporarily safe from worrying about Wes' potential #HashtagRevenge. Getting someone soooo good like that, you're constantly looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life expecting #HashtagRetaliation. It's not a fun life, but it's the life Leroy chose when he called Wes #LowSelfEsteem.
  14. BroccoliRob

    The Challenge: Rivals II

    So.....Zach, that was pretty nuts. First he's sad about missing the birth of his nephew (Niece? Nephew? I can't remember). That's fine and understandable. Then he starts complaining about how his tum-tum hurts. Which is also fine, but he needs to understand how silly it looks when this mountain of a man complains about having too many num-nums in his tum-tum. Then he starts hulking out (from now on to be referred as "Zaching out") at the camera person because maybe he realized he didn't want his super shitty behavior caught on film for everyone to see. But the craziest thing was at the end of the Jungle, when he celebrated his victory by chucking his helmet at Jordan's head. Wow. I feel like if they hadn't disqualified him for fucking up the game, they would have hopefully kicked him off just for that. It's too bad really. I really enjoyed Zach last season as Frank's Second-in-Command. But with Frank determined to keep a low profile this season, Zach was left to his own devices which clearly did not work out for him.