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    Star Wars Holiday Special

    I believe it was a "Life Day" holiday special.
  2. ChrisSoprych

    Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven (2011)

    That's what I was thinking when I started watching, but as the wheels slowly started to come off, I was hooked. A laugh riot.
  3. ChrisSoprych

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    Not my Damian Lewis!? Band of Brothers! Homeland ! Emmy-winning Damian Lewis? NOOOOOO!
  4. This movie is the ultimate how did this get made! No really, how can this movie call itself a sequel and use the same characters? How can this movie use porn actors, actually look like a porno film, but not be porn? How can this movie steal scenes and plot lines from the original? How! How! How! Believe it or not, this "homemade" movie is hilarious. If you don't watch it for the hot women (and not-so hot trannys), watch it for the dancing! Oh the dancing! The only thing worse than a low-budget film, is low-budget dancing. Say what you want about the original 1995 classic, but the dancing looked like dancing; it looked like a high budget Vegas show. The TV dance show in Showgirls 2 looks like it was filmed on a high school stage. And the dancing? A hot mess— it was posing while walking. The soundtrack is off-the-shelf royalty-free pieces by Kevin MacLeod, which is great for a web video at $5 a pop, but this movie misuses these clips at a mindless, willy nilly pace. The funny thing about Showgirls 2, is that it was produced, written, directed and stars Rene Riffel, who played Penny in the original Showgirls. Riffel is clearly a huge fan of her previous work, because she rips it off wholesale. Lines, themes and characters-types are all fair game for the poaching goes on here. This movie can only be defined as a parody of the first— so, it begs the question of how did this get made! How did Riffel marshal the resources to pull off this labor of love? Please, please get Riffel to be a guest on the show to talk about the original Showgirls and to explain her opus. Official movie website Watch it on Amazon Gawker review