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  1. KevinMerryman

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    These surgical procedures were almost Frank Tupelo/The Tourist-level complicated. Where does the FBI get the 35-40 million dollars to finance this kind of risky operation? As a taxpayer I feel I should be entitled to know.
  2. KevinMerryman

    Episode 329 — Too Much Tuna Tour

    I hope Milkvoice makes a return some day.
  3. KevinMerryman

    Episode 330 — Peruvian Pullovers

    Cum on guys
  4. KevinMerryman

    Episode BO2014.2 — Best of 2014 Pt 2

    IT'S BEginning to look a lot like Christmas...
  5. KevinMerryman

    Episode BO2014.1 — Best of 2014 Pt 1

    I knew I was in for a good time when Scotty broke out the voice he thinks his dick would sound like in the first 5 minutes.
  6. KevinMerryman

    Episode 317 — Tash.2

  7. KevinMerryman

    Episode 317 — Tash.2

    I'm glad PFT finally got off his high horse and did a show besides the best-ofs. I'd also like to know what that horse was smoking to make it so hard to get off of.
  8. KevinMerryman

    Episode 91 — The 1st Annual Howdies Pt. 1

    Halloween 3 was robbed in the nominations: Ellie Grimbridge, Marge Gutterman, Buddy Kupfer (As in "what's a kupfer? for drinking beverages, silly!), the list goes on...
  9. KevinMerryman

    Episode 91 — The 1st Annual Howdies Pt. 1

    Yeah, that supercut trailer was pretty amazing. but now I have to say... Wyatt Cenac's Wesley Snipes impression > Wyatt Cenac's Sylvester Stallone impression
  10. KevinMerryman

    Episode 288 — Back to Barz, Back to Reality

    I like the Sklar Bros but I do think it's kind of grating when they interrupt constantly, like if Scotty is asking them a question they'll start talking over him before the question is even out. They're good sports (get it?!) though. Horatio is simply the best.
  11. KevinMerryman

    Episode 178 — Wool Gatherer

    I wanna know Harris' opinion on Top Secret because that movie still kills me as much as any modern comedy.
  12. KevinMerryman

    Episode 85 — Color of Night

    I love getting little glimpses into Jason's secret nerd life. Like the Felicity reference in this episode, the "BAMF" Nightcrawler reference in another episode, calling out the Harry Potter snake (Nagini?) in the Anaconda episode. I know there are more but I'm blanking. He's like Ogre at the end of Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise. Tough on the outside but a big ol' nerd under his tough exterior.
  13. KevinMerryman

    Episode 84 — No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    Tom Lennon rules but it is strange to hear him tear into a shitty movie when I know what screenplays he has had a hand in writing. Whatever pays the bills though, I guess! Also, if we're going into the minefield that is wrestling-themed movies I'd love to hear the gang's opinion on Ready to Rumble. I feel like Jason's head would explode if he watched it.
  14. KevinMerryman

    Episode 83 — Winter's Tale

    "The poison plus getting fucked will kill you." This was so good but man do I wish June was around for it.
  15. KevinMerryman

    Episode 273 — Vape Cod

    Man, I was praying that Shelly would tell us about how Brandon Lee was killed because the on-set animal handlers thought he was an actual crow and shot him to death.