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  1. Am a huge fan of this movie, and the book. I watched it as a kid, loved it, have rewatched it mutliple times and have enjoyed watching it with my own kids now, who loved it. However, should not go in the Canon. The problem is that it's not very well made. It's very enjoyable, very memorable, has some really good scenes, but ignores things like pacing and plot too easily. The main character is uninteresting, the luck dragon is awesome, but the CGI flying scenes really don't hold up (they could have done less to better effect right?), and the ending is unfulfilling even if it is enjoyable. My kids genuinely whooped with delight as they chased down those bullies. But as an end to the film it ties up nothing, it's a great scene, but not cohesive. Putting aside the question of whether it's better than the book, or faithful to the book, I would ask a simple question. Could this film be better made then or now? I think the answer is yes on both counts. Its flaws don't make it better, they are flaws. So no canon for me.
  2. I think a missed facet of these films is the fact that 3 genres are covered and relatively well. There's a good 50s high school film, a good futuristic sci fi and a decent (read very watchable) western. The reuse of actors and characters throughout ia done very well. Especially when compared to say the glorious car crash known as Cloud Atlas. Thats why i think all 3 deserve to be in. Genre, heart, hunour and performances are excellent throughout and its no mean feat to make 3 family friendly movies that are enjoyable for all members of the family. I cant think of another sequel that's achieved that.
  3. I just imagined a CBB with Adam and Joe - surely that would be pure gold.
  4. Welcome to comedy bang bang and if you don't know why this is funny then I Scott Ockerman will steal your shoes.
  5. The tractor was a waste of money if you never plough the field. The beer should never have been opened if it wasn't properly chilled. \Adongo\