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  1. RyanSzich

    Next (2007)

    Most likely Leonard Maltin.
  2. RyanSzich

    Hobo with a Shotgun

    This movie is crazy and I loved every moment of it. It was like a modern day Troma film. Also if you want more craziness, check youtube for other shorts that the director has done like "Treevenge" and "The Number to Heaven" which was a short clip for Fantastic Fest.
  3. RyanSzich

    Next (2007)

    That's the deleted scene reel, just Nic Cage giving everyone a crazy rape face as he figures out what his next move will be.
  4. RyanSzich

    The Forum Forum

    I checked I i still give permission to the forum. I deleted it then added it again giving it full permission but I still get this message [#1090091] An error occurred while trying to authorize this Facebook connection.
  5. RyanSzich

    Episode 53 — Anaconda

    Anyone else think that Voight skipped the Tony Montana level of accent and went with an even bigger knockoff by using the Razor Ramon version of the Scarface accent?
  6. RyanSzich

    Night of the Living Dead: Re-Animation

    To be fair, Sid Haig did turn down the Marcellus Wallace role in Pulp Fiction.
  7. RyanSzich

    Shoot 'em Up (2007)

    To me this is like Crank 2 and Punisher War Zone where it's made to be just batshit insane. From it being a real life version of Bugs Bunny vs. Elmer Fudd to over 100 people being killed on screen, this movie is amazing. And I gotta give props to all of the unique ways they had Clive Owen kill people from using a chopped off hand to fire a gun and the Home Alone maze of death in the gun factory, this movie rocked.
  8. RyanSzich

    Lockout (2012)

    What I found really funny was that there were still hostages on the space jail when they did the sky dive escape plan, so in essence, Snow killed dozens of innocent people.
  9. RyanSzich

    Jason X (2001)

    God that horrible hologram room with the two virtual campers who show their ample tits and ask Jason if he wants premarital sex was just laughably bad, and this is from a series which featured a killer who drowned as a boy SWIMMING to Manhattan.
  10. RyanSzich

    Thrashin' (1986)

    That made my day.
  11. RyanSzich

    The Black Dahlia (2006)

    This movie sucked balls, from Hartnett and Eckhart calling their partnership "Fire and Ice" to the movie not really being about the Black Dahlia until the end when the killer nonchalantly says she did it before blowing her brains out and that when Eckhart died his head shattered like an egg. Also, let's not forget that this movie is based off a book by James Ellroy, the same guy who wrote L.A. Confidential, yet this movie looks nothing like that movie in both feel and quality.
  12. RyanSzich

    InAPPropriate Comedy (2013)

    Yeah, it was the one that had Offer dressed like the "Free Government Money" guy and hitting old women and a porn actor who went by the name Arnold Schwollenpecker. That Vince Offer, the new king of subversive comedy.
  13. RyanSzich

    The Forum Forum

    Is anyone else having a problem logging in with their Facebook account? I have been trying but I keep getting a message saying that it can't go through. Any help?