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    Episode 132.5 - Minisode 132.5

    I liked the part about Dux having a shellfish allergy and being 'afraid' to try beef with oyster sauce, as if that's just a fear to be overcome, and not akin to sticking your dick in the mouth of a fish with sharp teeth because the lips look soft.
  2. DiesOnAToilet

    Avatar (2009)

    No, no. They must revisit this. "The only movie so bad, we gave up a half hour into our first attempt at watching it..." This piece of shit was nominated for best picture, whatever weight that still carries, and it barely lost. A lot of experts were picking it to win and the people who made it sat in their tuxedos and gowns and sweated it out until the last moment, thinking they had a real shot at it, and they probably did. I'd like to see them do this, and I'd like to see them do "Crash", which actually won Best Picture. I know that's not what the show normally does. I want a steady diet of Gooby's and "Mac and Me's" 99 percent of the time, but there are a handful of really bad, problematic films that have been nominated for best picture. Scott Aukerman himself wrote a great review of it not long after it came out: http://scottaukerman...a-2009-american
  3. Yeah you guys need to stick a cheap mic in the crowd as a stop gap measure. It's brutal. I was thinking this is the WORST, coldest audience in the world, because you can hear just enough of them to give the allusion that they can be picked up well on audio, but that this great show is absolutely dying in front of them. But of course, that's not what happened at all. You can tell by what the performers are doing that they are getting something back from the audience, we just can't hear it.
  4. DiesOnAToilet

    EPISODE 104.5 — Minisode 104.5

    I never actually heard Paul say the name of the movie, it's this one, right?
  5. DiesOnAToilet

    EPISODE 103 — Zardoz

    God damn, what a fantastic idea. Someone ask June to do it. Best of all her having sat through Zardoz would not be in vein. Maybe just a little segment on the mini-ep if nothing else. Pretty please.
  6. DiesOnAToilet

    Episode 100.5 — Minisode 100.5

    So who were the guest(s) at the Xanadu taping at Largo on 12/5?
  7. DiesOnAToilet

    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    Mantzoukas is on a nickname basis with Gourley because they've both been doing improv for ages. They are probably buds. Bros even.
  8. DiesOnAToilet

    Episode 98.5 — Minisode 98.5

    So who were the co-hosts for the "View to a Kill" and "Xanadu" episodes anyway? They were both recorded at Largo on 12/5 and there were 200 something people in the audience for each of those shows.
  9. DiesOnAToilet


    Regarding corrections and omissions, is Paul mostly reading from a script that you produce after going through the discussion threads? If so, that's kind of a bummer. I know he's got better things to do, but I liked to think he was including what he personally found notable or funny.
  10. DiesOnAToilet

    Episode 97.5 — Minisode 97.5

    http://www.wimp.com/unexpectedsound/ Wow. No shit. That sounds fantastic.
  11. DiesOnAToilet

    Episode 97 — Rhinestone: LIVE!

    Matt Jones is the best. He killed it on Who Charted recently, too.
  12. DiesOnAToilet

    Episode 1514 - Matt Besser

    Just to see the pricing for TPC you have to create an account? I know I can uncheck the "join the mailing list" box, or failing that, probably unsubscribe from emails later, but it seems like an an archaic, shitty way of doing internet business.
  13. DiesOnAToilet

    Episode 97 — Rhinestone: LIVE!

    When Dolly finishes playing that first number on stage that runs over the opening credits, she addresses the crowd and says: "I'm gonna take a little break now and get a drink of water and let the band change their shirts or whatever else is damp." What??? Great evidence of Matt's theory on Farnsworth not realizing or caring that he's in a movie.
  14. From what Kulap said, it sounds like it's going to be a different guest acting as a host each episode (of their own show maybe?) and Lauren playing a character (as a guest of the show?). Bet it will be amazing.
  15. DiesOnAToilet

    Episode 8 Happening?

    Yeah, Kulap mentioned that she was one of the people there. Should be good.