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  1. let's see just that this hillbilly is made of....yup just as we thought ,they're made of moonshine and earthworms.
  2. I swear on Paul Bunyan's beard that I didn't kill that lumberjack!
  3. By the power invested in me I now pronounce you man and mannequin, you may now dry hump the bride.
  4. quick someone get a medic! the modern major general has been mauled by the surgeon general!
  5. witness the passion,the magic and the impressive cleavage of Cirque Du Soliel Moon Frye
  6. I'm so piss poor I piss poorly into the pea cup I pee in, because I don't have a pot to pee in! And....welcome to Comedy Bang Bang
  7. Pencils come with erasers but your penis doesn't, yeah that's right...let that just sink in.
  8. will someone please explain just what the heckapotimus is going on around here????
  9. From now on, please keep all your inside jokes outside,they keep peeing on the rug.
  10. If you can't stand the heat you probably shouldn't have been born a pizza.
  11. Get your damn, greasy, dish pan hands off my thighs grandma!
  12. unclenutso

    bacon mustache....

    whenever you build a pancake man never forget his bacon mustache. welcome to comedy bang bang
  13. set your hair dryers to stun you damn dirty apes! It's Comedy Bang Bang!
  14. I've never kicked a kitten that didn't deserve it...oh hi welcome to Comedy Bang Bang
  15. any republication or rebroadcast of this podcast without the written consent of comedy bang bang will result in death by firing squad.