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    Your characters!

    So amongst those of us who've played D&D, what kinds of characters do you play? Here are a few of mine: Saemorn: Half-orc Monk: raised in a prison after killing his father at age 10, learned to focus his rage to champion for those who can't defend themselves. Clemm the Lucky: Gnomish Luck/Travel Cleric: the Gene Kelly of Gnomes, charming, and resourceful.
  2. StevoDoccerson

    Episode 86 β€” We Didn’t Land on the Roc

    Ladies & Gentlemen, a young Ken.
  3. StevoDoccerson

    Episode 84 β€” Chevy Chase’s Land Shark

    When playing Paper, Rock, Scissors with Blaine, ALWAYS PLAY PAPER.
  4. StevoDoccerson

    Uh's and Um's

    I don't really see how suggesting a professional comedian take public speaking lessons or somebody saying they don't like Blaine as a DM qualify as constructive criticism, but if you insist...
  5. StevoDoccerson

    Uh's and Um's

    People keep forgetting that they're essentially eavesdropping by listening to this show. Yes it's done as a performance, but really these are a group of people who are talking to each other, and we're listening in. They're making jokes for us, but really they're making jokes for each other, and we get to hear them too. You don't think Blaine is a good DM? Great. Your opinion isn't going to make them change the show. Not in this situation anyway. If it really bothers you that much, there is nothing that can be done about it, other than just not listening to the show. I think people would have less of a problem with it if they were watching it live, or part of the conversation because your brain blocks most of it out. Most speech pathologists will tell you the same. Maybe you have a family member or a coworker that has a lot of verbal static or maybe even a speech impediment. Would you say to them "Hey, you should change the way you talk because it's hard for me to listen to you, also I don't enjoy you talking to me as much as that other guy who used to talk, and really, it's about me, right?" Of course you wouldn't because it's rude, and we're all nice and polite here. But seriously, nothing positive will come out of people giving Blaine shit about how they think he's not the greatest DM especially since it's his I think 2nd or 3rd time DMing? How many of us have gotten better at our jobs because people were giving us shit on the internet? Ssssoooo yeah, cut the dude some slack, relax, and enjoy the show.
  6. StevoDoccerson

    Episode 81 β€” Through the Church

    Throwing a lot of easy baddies at them is a great way for them to level up.
  7. StevoDoccerson

    Uh's and Um's

    Way to take somebody to task for having a slight stammer while playing a game! Thanks for taking the time away from critiquing Diane Rehm's forums giving her shit for spasmodic dysphonia! Ace! Do you call up your blind friends when you see a rainbow, too? Blaine's DMing, and is thinking of 4 things at once, AND having performed comedy since the 90's, I'm pretty sure he's spoken in front of more people than you. In short, get over it or go fuck yourself.
  8. StevoDoccerson

    Episode 79 β€” The Roc

    Also they record a few episodes at a time, and they don't check the forums as much as they did under Sark's reign. There's no use getting upset when they're probably not reading this. I'm sure somebody's tweeted to Brian or Blaine or Gerry or Ken or Sarah.
  9. StevoDoccerson

    Episode 79 β€” The Roc

    I miss the horse cart driver.
  10. StevoDoccerson

    Episode 78 β€” Into the Woods 2: Deeper & Darker

    Best NPC ever.
  11. StevoDoccerson

    Episode 76 β€” On the Run

    Seriously, try to imagine a Michael Bay fight to this song.
  12. StevoDoccerson

    Your characters!

    There's a Pathfinder in-store event at the comic book store near me, I'm thinking about rolling up either a Halfling Plant Druid, or if we're playing the pirate game I think we're playing, an Undine Water Cleric. I'll let you know how it turns out. (I'm sure you're all very excited.)
  13. StevoDoccerson

    Episode 75 β€” A Good Ol’ Tavern Brawl

    Sarah loves her thumbs ups.
  14. StevoDoccerson

    Anyone from NYC inspired by NP to start a new D&D group?

    I DM for a weekly game via skype, works out fine. If anybody else is DMing and wants another player, let me know, I'd be all about playing.
  15. StevoDoccerson

    Dating tips by *Trondor*

    Sometimes her friends are the best way to her heart! Make yourself known and helpful to them, and when the shitty DM forgets about you, your true love's friends will come to your aid, even though she's tried to wipe you from her memory!! Ha-HA!
  16. StevoDoccerson

    Episode 74 β€” New Beginning

    So one half elf, and the rest are human? Maybe it's just me, but I love when the party has all kinds of different races in it. I really want Gerry to be a gnome bard named Boel Jillie or something.
  17. StevoDoccerson

    Episode 73 β€” Space Ship Attack

  18. StevoDoccerson

    Dating tips by *Trondor*

    Dwarven women love to play hard to get. My mother spurned my father's advances for 20 years, but he kept at it! She eventually CAVED! (This is widely considered the best joke in all Dwarven-Kind) Eventually, we erode their defenses! Just like when you're trying to chisel a precious gem out of a mountain! Ha-HA!
  19. This is the closest I've come to passing out from laughter. Holy shit.
  20. StevoDoccerson

    Episode 62 β€” Dwarf Surfboard

    While they've been underground the old Necromancer has restored everybody on the surface to the way they were, everybody on the water planet is fine, 12 pack was elected mayor, Karn's opened up his own frozen yogurt place, all the hostages who lived but were forgotten by the party have formed a support group...
  21. StevoDoccerson

    Dana Gould Hour

    Also www.hobthetroll.com for the HobCast. </shameless self promotion>
  22. StevoDoccerson

    Dana Gould Hour

    I just wanted to give a shout-out to the latest episode of the Dana Gould Hour which features Ken, Sark, & Blaine talking about D&D among.... other things. Anyway, I won't give a full report as I'm listening to it now, thus preventing all possibilities of spoilers.
  23. StevoDoccerson

    Dana Gould Hour

    Probably, but I've toured the circuit too. I'll be working the Tampa Faire as beloved entertainer Hob the Troll (with a podcast of my own, the HobCast available on iTunes) I've sent out invites to the Nerd Poker crew to come on the HobCast, but I was thinking a little quid-pro-quo if they're interested. They read this often enough, maybe we can encourage them. Until then, here's a few fun short ones. -Lots of festivals have campgrounds on or nearby site for traveling performers/crafters/games, etc. This results in people who live out of their vans, who set up elaborate tent/camps with a lot of modern day accouterment. Sometimes you get scumbag neighbors at these campgrounds, and you have to listen to them while they play their XBox, get wasted, and yell at each other. I heard this following exchange from two such neighbors which proved to be more profound than either of them knew. Apparently the guy was playing XBox: Man: Aw shit. Fuck. Goddamnit. Motherfucking bullshit! FUCK! Woman: What is it?! Man: Agh, I'm just stuck in a place I don't want to be. This could happen anywhere, but I don't want to give away my best stuff. (Stories of the only shower on a site controlled by the guys who do the mud show, wine-tasting/dance parties with famous authors, ventriloquists, magicians, and hippies...)