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  1. Bats are so feathery, you could crack one of their eggs on the moving sidewalk.
  2. And that was the last time anyone heard about little Morley’s invisible bank vault again.
  3. Cancel all my elevator rides, yours truly is on ladder leave!
  4. Most things are featherless.
  5. Don’t test me, Teach, I had a beach investment in my Western Omelet Speech elective yesterday!
  6. If you have built bouncy castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
  7. To be Frank, Sinatra simply had to keep paying the mob to protect him from name-robbers.
  8. This catchphrase was translated from the Portuguese.
  9. You know what’s cooler than a millipede? A billipede.
  10. Whenever Helen needs effervescent refreshments, she tells her expert brewer: “Brew me the best beer ever brewed.”
  11. With firm will, I finish climbing, hiking till I find this inviting inn, in which I might sit, dining.
  12. My house is an ebony tree and my car is an elephant, so, needless to say, my keyring has 88 keys.
  13. The kindest man in the world would not allow a little raccoon to steal his eyeball.
  14. Bread is nature's paper.
  15. Inside ALMOST every haystack is a smaller haystack.
  16. Forsooth, this will bore Ruth, but the core truth is that a war booth full of stored youth is much more couth than a poor sleuth with a sore tooth.
  17. The term “record label” originally referred to the literal label in the middle of a phonograph record.
  18. Ever since the umbrella rinse was installed the bald fuzz-heads have fledged.
  19. Bread is nature's paper.
  20. Bread is nature's paper.
  21. Inside every haystack is a smaller haystack.
  22. Left to their own devices, most termites chew Wooden Chew brand wood.
  23. What do potato chips taste like again? Oh yeah, crunchy.
  24. My house is an ebony tree and my car is an elephant, so, needless to say, my keyring has 88 keys.
  25. Beep? Boop? What are you, some sort of misspoken rowboat??