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  1. thanks for the info, any idea where i can find that song? ive checked everywhere. was it only performed on i4h?
  2. what was the intro music for this episode?
  3. the same shows are also unavailable via stitchers web player (grey icons = unavailable)
  4. screenshot will not upload. please advise.
  5. I use Stitcher on my Sonos so I was glad to transfer my account over from Howl, unfortunately now suddenly many of the earwolf podcasts are no longer available. When I try to play cbb, hdtgm, u2, etc, stitcher tells me "this show is no longer supported on your device". i4h, lapkus, and others are still available just like before. I included a screenshot, all of the greyed out icons are shows i can no longer listen to. help?
  6. We need Scott and Scott to help us make sense of all this. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/jan/10/u2-delay-new-album-donald-trump-election
  7. Is anyone trying to listen to Earwolf podcasts on Sonos? I used to be able to do it with no problem using the stitcher service, but no more. All non-earwolf podcasts work just fine(WTF, Carolla, etc), but when i play ANYTHING from earwolf (literally anything) it times out. Now the only way I can listen via Sonos is to download the podcast manually and add the file from my music library. Help? If theres a better way to listen to podcasts on Sonos Im all ears. BTW: using 2 PLAY1's and a bridge as the controller. Ive tried rebooting, resetting, and removing/reinstalling the stitcher service.
  8. Adam nailed it. "Acrobat" is the best track.
  9. meepzork

    Contact form?

    I was just sent another order confirmation for the order im trying to get refunded. Im emailing you now Savannah.
  10. meepzork

    Contact form?

    I can confirm theres something wrong with the captcha. This weekend is the first time Ive seen it since christmas, and it only works with Safari, and then only sometimes. I know this because I have been trying to contact anyone at Earwolf for help with an order I placed in the store on Dec 23. I have emailed "happiness@..." as well as "admin@..." several times with no response. Out of frustration I tried using the contact form and of course the captcha wouldn't load. If you can tell me who to contact to resolve my order issue I would appreciate it.
  11. You remind me of The Bang. What Bang? The Bang with the power. What power? The power of voodoo. Who do? You do. Do what? Remind me of The Bang.