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  1. I remember being freaked out by this movie as a kid...now not so much.
  2. zeecheree82

    Swimfan (2002)

    Typical terrible early 2000s teen horror schlock
  3. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...unless it was named shit-smelling rose
  4. zeecheree82


    ok not sure if this qualifies as a "bad" movie but I just recently saw this and think it at least deserves discussion.....weird
  5. zeecheree82


    I scream, you scream, we all scream when we walk in on mom naked! Wink wink!
  6. Sorry y'all wasn't a fan of this one..I liked the improv but not the musical guest..
  7. Haven't even seen it but if it's like any other Tyler Perry Flick it's gotta be pretty awful..Plus Kim Kardashian is it as an actual supporting character... c'mon if this isn't HDTGM doable I don't know what is..(really, I don't)
  8. Welcome to comedy bang bang
  9. Welcome to comedy bang bang..
  10. welcome to comedy bang bang
  11. zeecheree82


    I'm going to agree with you..not sure where they would go with a remake of this film...it is forever burned into my memory..especially the chest vagina...
  12. zeecheree82


    Saw something about a remake of this film....discuss?
  13. zeecheree82

    Legend (1985)

    I remember liking this movie as a kid...maybe it was the unicorns that held my interest...caught it again just recently and like some of you was disappointed...but how can you get upset with 80's fantasy movies...80's cheese is the best guys!!
  14. zeecheree82

    Temptation - Tyler Perry

    r they talking about the character in the movie or the place Tyler Perry takes u with his movies
  15. zeecheree82

    Oz the Great and Powerful

    I have kids...but I didn't have to get dragged to this movie..I actually wanted to see it. While It's in the realm of " kids movie" it didn't come off HDTGM material..the visual effects were well done the dialouge maybe a little hammy-ish..Mila Cunis did a decent job with the wicked side of her witch character...if it had to go toe to toe with it's classic counterpart...the Wizard of--- wins...hands down btw if kids movies stick in your craw...your homies would be pouring the 40oz on the curb for you after enduring..ughhhh The Adventures of Shark boy and Lava Girl....
  16. zeecheree82

    funny boner

    reaching into your earholes to caress and fondle your funny bone for at least 80 minutes at a time
  17. zeecheree82

    That's My Boy (2012)

    if Adam Sandler stayed in the realm of flicks for kids I believe he'd do really well....
  18. zeecheree82

    Spinning into butter

    I hope to hear it get torn to peices one day...tee hee
  19. zeecheree82

    Spinning into butter

    Has anyone suggested Spinning into butter?