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  1. What was the name of that robot/cyborg DJ? I could never quite make it out, but it sounded like "Slemsked"...which is Swedish for "slime spoon", albeit with an Anglicized pronunciation.
  2. Thanks to Zac Bentz for sending me the Mantzoukas scat, albeit with some delay on it, which I managed to mostly wash out. There's some residue, but it should be more or less usable.
  3. Since a lot of the earlier episodes are now behind a paywall, and some musically inclined people might want to incorporate samples from the acapella themes, such as for example Jason's second opinions scat thing or June's "they're not your first but they're gonna be a second" and so on, or even just Paul explaining what segments are - anything that would seem useful, I thought it might be sensible to make a thread where anyone who happens to have such samples can post them for those who don't have access. Who's got 'em? Sharing is...something that rhymes with sharing.
  4. Should I make a non-beatbox version to see if it has better luck?
  5. I said a skit. Scott. A Skittle. A snickerdoodle skit bit Scott, you don't stop the Aukerman, the Bang! Bang! Comedy podcast, the Scottobot, the rhythm of the boogie the beat. Now what you hear is not a test; I'm hosting a podcast, and me, the guests, and engineer are gonna try - to make you laugh. You see, I am Weirder Scott, and I'd like to say hello - to the black- the wh-- I'm colorblind, so honestly I don't know. But first I gotta...Bang! Bang! Welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang!, I'm Top Notcherman, and that was a catchphrase submission from The Sugarhill Gang. Legendary rap constellation from the late 1970s. Wow. Amazing. I didn't know they listened to the show. That is just incredible. Because it's a complete lie and I'm STILL TRAPPED INSIDE THE CATCHPHRASE! Somebody get me out of here! I'm running out of-- Whatever I say next is still part of the catchphrase don't trust anyone not even me not even if I say--
  6. I am @VincentEL, Swedish person. Comedy Bang! Bang! has kept me entertained at work, and I was slightly late to the party, but I finally got through the entire main archive and caught up (I haven't gotten to the store-sclusies yet) and of course I just had to make a plugs theme to celebrate. https://soundcloud.c...y-plugs/s-1z1y3 Beatboxing. Looping. Rapping. Pants or mustard?
  7. VincentEL

    Episode 19 — Enter The Water Realm

    As a Swedish person, I must point out that A-ha is not Swedish. They're Norwegian.
  8. VincentEL

    People Still Post Things In Here.

    I posted here because I'm not yet caught up on the show (I only discovered it recently, I'm listening to episode 55 right now, and it's still called Comedy Death Ray). Do they not play songs anymore? Either way, if anyone happens to find my material through this forum, that's better than nothing.
  9. This is a song I made all by myself in my bedroom in the outskirts of Nowhere, Sweden. https://soundcloud.c...ntel/switcheroo
  10. Hi. This is a song about doing good in the world, sort of. https://soundcloud.c...aving-the-world Music by me, lyrics and vocals by Kordlyss (@Kordlyss, Illinois) and myself (@VincentEL, Sweden). Kordlyss does the first verse, I do the second, the rest is probably fairly easy to figure out.