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  1. SolGoldman

    Episode 270 — Off The Grid

    "You were a wrestler, you were an actor, you were a governor. Now your a weirdo." lol
  2. SolGoldman

    Episode BO2013.1 — Best of 2013 Pt 1

    Unlistenable intro.
  3. I'm headed to the GHOSTery store. BLEED anything?
  4. Sedatation not a real word but almost.
  5. I love you, You're perfect, Spare some change?
  6. SolGoldman

    Well, well, well....

  7. SolGoldman

    It was ten years ago today...

    What about now?
  8. SolGoldman

    Episode 243 — Blow Me Up, Tom!

    Adomian crushed it again!
  9. SolGoldman

    Episode 229 — Video Games & Prank Calls

    Didn't listen to this episode but this guys prank calls are HILARIOUS!
  10. I'm a white man livin in a black man's trashcan.
  11. Any of you friendly folks move, in a little closer, and I'll meet and greet every motherfucking last one of you!.
  12. I just made myself a Scott Auckerman! (That's seltzer and hot dog water.)