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  1. Just chiming in with my support for any and all Royal Trux talk on these boards.
  2. Let's play "Who can spot Agata in the audience"
  3. Gabe Danon

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Shannon's gif thing is so much better than my likes thing. So long, glory, you were great while you lasted.
  4. Gabe Danon

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Hi I was working with my Earwolf friends on this project and I found the setting that says how many likes everyone can have. Do you guys think 9,999,999 per day is enough?
  5. 33 has been pretty good guys but I gotta say I'm turning 34 in a few weeks and I kind of have my eye on the prize at the moment. 34.5 is, after all, halfway to 69.
  6. I can't resist a questionnaire. Name: Gabe Age: 33 Relationship status: Still hot-n-heavy with my main squeeze since '06 Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/gabe.danon Sean or Hayes: Great dudes Do you have a cat? I'm 'lergic Can I see your D (dad)? He's on the right. Not sure why he's dressed this way.
  7. Gabe Danon

    Episode 306 — Project Funway

    It's on the feed now, sorry gang.
  8. Yep we all met up in Brooklyn and SSB was super nice and normal despite being an internet stranger. I was going to get mad about not getting photo credit but I guess I got one later so everything is OK.
  9. Gabe Danon

    Announcing Earwolf's New CEO

    Jeff is a great guy whose dedication is legitimately unrivaled. Really glad to know that you're giving yourself this well-deserved respite from the stress and long hours. I'm eternally grateful for the time I spent at Earwolf and to you for providing me the amazing opportunity. It was a surreal experience, I learned so much and made some lifelong friends. Godspeed!
  10. Thanks for tuning in to our little clusterfuck of a show. Also, I may be leaving Earwolf as an employee, but the HH forum has definitely not seen the last of this fella. SORRIES.
  11. Gabe Danon

    Episode 78 — Viking Tennis

    Fixed now! Sorries.
  12. Marry Brett, kill Cody. Never has there been an easier question.
  13. I'd love to set the emoticon limit to zero, but they tell me this will incite riots. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Gabe Danon

    The Forum Forum

    Because I'm basically Santa Claus, I just increased the number of likes a member can submit in a 24 hour period.
  15. Sorry guys, none of you will ever be the biggest Earwolf Dan.