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  1. Hey creative people of earth! Do you have what it takes to be Earwolf's next top t-shirt designer? We're looking for designs for our next t-shirt! The design can be up to four colors - three colors for the design, plus a fourth color that would be the color of the shirt itself. The available shirt colors can be found in the following links! http://store.america....net/tr401.html http://store.america....net/bb401.html If your design is selected, you will receive a special Earwolf Party Pack from our store, including the new HDTGM shirt! Deadline is this Friday, November 15, we can't wait to see your designs!! Submission Guidelines: • By submitting any content to Earwolf Media LLC you are affirming that you own and/or have all rights necessary to submit such content and to license it to Earwolf Media LLC as set forth below. • You are further affirming that use of the content submitted does not violate or infringe upon any copyrights, trademarks, or rights of publicity. • By submitting any content to Earwolf Media LLC you are granting Earwolf Media LLC an irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide right and license to reproduce and use, re-use, publish and republish the content, in whole or in part, without restriction as to changes, and in conjunction with or apart from your name. Earwolf Media LLC reserves the right to use such content throughout its site, in marketing materials, outside of its site, or however else Earwolf Media LLC sees fit. • By submitting any content you are agreeing to sign any necessary documentation that may be required to confer to Earwolf Media LLC the rights to use your submission as set forth above. By submitting any content you affirm your understanding that you will not receive any compensation or credit for use of your entry other than what is described in the specific contest release. • Submissions containing offensive or inappropriate material will not be considered. This may consist of (but is not limited to) demeaning, racist, sexist language, profanity, and/or sexually explicit material. • We claim ownership of all user-submitted content, including anything you upload to our site from your Instagram, and reserve the right to use such content throughout the site, in marketing materials, or however else we see fit. • We reserve the right to disable or remove user-submitted content we feel is unacceptable for any reason.
  2. Just chiming in with my support for any and all Royal Trux talk on these boards.
  3. Let's play "Who can spot Agata in the audience"
  4. Gabe Danon

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Shannon's gif thing is so much better than my likes thing. So long, glory, you were great while you lasted.
  5. Gabe Danon

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Hi I was working with my Earwolf friends on this project and I found the setting that says how many likes everyone can have. Do you guys think 9,999,999 per day is enough?
  6. 33 has been pretty good guys but I gotta say I'm turning 34 in a few weeks and I kind of have my eye on the prize at the moment. 34.5 is, after all, halfway to 69.
  7. I can't resist a questionnaire. Name: Gabe Age: 33 Relationship status: Still hot-n-heavy with my main squeeze since '06 Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/gabe.danon Sean or Hayes: Great dudes Do you have a cat? I'm 'lergic Can I see your D (dad)? He's on the right. Not sure why he's dressed this way.
  8. Gabe Danon

    New Earwolf Store!

    Hey everybody, Exciting news, the Earwolf Store just got a supes-elegant new redesign, we'd love it if you'd go check it out! Christmas has arrived early (Hanukkah just in time)! Not only are we now offering discounts on select items, but also if you sign up for our newsletter at http://ear.wf/1gkQ63k, you'll receive an exclusive coupon code good for a discount on all store merchandise! Due to popular demand, we also now offer gift cards, so treat the lovable Earwolf fan in your life to some sweet digs and savory digital downloads! Merch!
  9. Gabe Danon

    Episode 7 — Gender

    In Episode Seven of "Topics", Michael and Michael discuss gender, gender roles in society, the gray area in-between man and woman, the broth of life and the TV program "Home Improvement." "Topics" features original music by Dan Deacon and is produced by Matthew Kahn.
  10. Gabe Danon

    Episode 6 — What is Art?

    In Episode Six of "Topics", Michael and Michael seek to find answers to the question "What Is Art?" Their discussion ranges from the surrealist works of Marc Chagall and the political paintings of Francisco De Goya to the controversial objets d'art of U.K. artist Damien Hirst and even the landscape portraiture of photographer Ansel Adams. "Topics" features original music by Dan Deacon and is produced by Matthew Kahn.
  11. Tom Scharpling will end The Best Show on WFMU on December 17th. Daniel Ralston, co-host of The Low Times Podcast joins Jake to celebrate all things Newbridge.
  12. Gabe Danon

    Episode 306 — Project Funway

    It's on the feed now, sorry gang.
  13. Yep we all met up in Brooklyn and SSB was super nice and normal despite being an internet stranger. I was going to get mad about not getting photo credit but I guess I got one later so everything is OK.
  14. Gabe Danon

    Announcing Earwolf's New CEO

    Jeff is a great guy whose dedication is legitimately unrivaled. Really glad to know that you're giving yourself this well-deserved respite from the stress and long hours. I'm eternally grateful for the time I spent at Earwolf and to you for providing me the amazing opportunity. It was a surreal experience, I learned so much and made some lifelong friends. Godspeed!
  15. Thanks for tuning in to our little clusterfuck of a show. Also, I may be leaving Earwolf as an employee, but the HH forum has definitely not seen the last of this fella. SORRIES.
  16. Hey everyone! The new HDTGM t-shirts are in, and they look GREAT! Kudos to artist and forum member Harrison Freeman for his design. You want street cred? Then you want this cheeky tee that will prove you to be not only a filmophile, but also a person of distinguished comedy taste. Like How Did This Get Made? itself, this shirt is a tri-blend and totally next-level bonkers. GET IT!
  17. In Episode 2 of Season 2, Michael, Michael and special guest David Wain discuss "Technology." Their conversation covers everything from the simplest of machines like the spoon to the most complicated of all machines - the human body. "Topics" features original music by Dan Deacon and is produced by Matthew Kahn.
  18. Gabe Danon

    Episode 26 — The Middle East

    In Episode 8 of Season 2, Michael and Michael discuss "The Middle East." "Topics" features original music by Dan Deacon and is produced by Matthew Kahn.
  19. Gabe Danon

    Episode 78 — Viking Tennis

    Fixed now! Sorries.
  20. Marry Brett, kill Cody. Never has there been an easier question.
  21. I'd love to set the emoticon limit to zero, but they tell me this will incite riots. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. Gabe Danon

    The Forum Forum

    Because I'm basically Santa Claus, I just increased the number of likes a member can submit in a 24 hour period.
  23. Sorry guys, none of you will ever be the biggest Earwolf Dan.
  24. I can speak on that since I wrote out that passage. The pen still was about half full after writing but has since run out 100%. But I was also just guessing how to spell her name, I don't think I got it right. Also the wish for her success came true because Agata is now dating Chris Pine from Star Trek Movie.
  25. Yes, on the head would be a most welcome change indeed. J/K J/K J/K Jeff is 100% appropriate at all times.