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  1. Always the carwash, never the car. Always the star map, never the star. Always the barstool, never the bar.
  2. ninjamincho

    Episode 488 - 3 Kidnapped Boys

    Heynong Nail!
  3. Chip's Efficient Fish n' Chips -- "Welcome to our well-oiled machine!".
  4. F# when you "rub" it, but A nat when you strike it.
  5. Sorry if I misread you, but I miss Reggie!
  6. I know it takes two to tango, but it only takes one to tangle.
  7. If I was a dog, I'd be Mutt Damon. If I was a food, I'd be Bean Affleck. If I was a bank courier, I'd be Money Driver. Having said that, If I had some nice shades, I'd be Ray-Ban® Williams.
  8. I'm little Scotty Pee Pee Pants and I just peed my pants! Waaaaaaaaa-shington DC is the capital of this fine nation the United States of Ameri-can-do!
  9. ninjamincho

    Episode 396 - The Intern Challenge

    Here's Roker dropping the bit. Watch your toes! Also some sweet Today Show patter.
  10. ninjamincho

    Episode 393 - Peanuts Awareness

    Nobel Prize for Chemistry right here! The vibe between them is immediate.
  11. ninjamincho

    Episode 1715 - Al Jackson

    True of false: two of my coworkers and I work in Information Technology and we play in a They Might Be Giants cover band called "IT Band"?
  12. ninjamincho

    EPISODE 151 — Brogre

    Have a great break, nerds. Please do come back! Love the show. Like, a lot.
  13. Pajamason.com is great, but you can really snuggle up warm with Pajamas on Prime.
  14. ninjamincho

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    GODDAMNIT I hate dippy, dippy shit sites!