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  1. ÚncleƊracula

    EPISODE 140 — Andrew the Magic Carpet

    Please use the horn of blasting on that communication device and blow every last one of those giants apart. You want to be evil well now is the time and think of all the experience points!
  2. ÚncleƊracula

    EPISODE 128 — Spiderhana

    Personally I really enjoy GMSarli's posts I read them thoroughly and learn a lot. I learn so much that I feel embarrassed ( have a bunch of very unprofessional dungeons and dragons experience already). It's also a cool thing to jump up and say you got the backs of the people you like/admire. Probably mostly accidental throat biting and turning salty after going on here. Try to remember the stakes aren't high here, I can't speak for them but in my delusions there are two points: - Nerd poker guys may or may not take advise for sake of getting to enjoy not pushing themselves for a bit. - Their feelings probably won't get very hurt because anyone with an aim for fame either has rhino thick skin or is a masochist. (Pretty sure at least one of those is a resume requirement) just don't intentionally try to be dicks to them they're humans, or at least humanoid. Keep up your tact guys.
  3. ÚncleƊracula

    Gary's Tips

    I usually end up dming despite being terrible at it. This kind of stuff helps a lot.
  4. ÚncleƊracula

    no new episode?

    But it does. It burns us! This was supposed to be the episode we meet Dan's new character!
  5. ÚncleƊracula

    EPISODE 116 — Blue Worm

    He did kind of get the okay, they did some shaming but I feel Rick was not stopped because it's not fun playing if you don't do what you want to. Also admittedly I went in unjustly grumpy because Steve wasn't there. It's like when a friend doesn't show up to a party (except they're more imaginary friends because they have no idea who I am). But next thing I know Rick is ramping up the insanity and coincidentally is when I'm taking a piss. Trying not to laugh and sound like a lunatic in the bathroom and simultaneously trying not to piss all over myself. Moral of the story is give the guy a chance I don't know how you could not like Rick... or the moral is wear a catheter on Wednesdays because I can't stop listening long enough to piss.
  6. ÚncleƊracula

    EPISODE 115 — Tying the Rope

    Curiosity is murder! Is she going to have mad swagger? Was she birthed from a mauve blob? Will she be twice as metal as dag? Next time after next time on Dragon ball Brian Posehn and friends minus friends plus friends.
  7. ÚncleƊracula

    Best moment since Blaine became DM

    Brian's negotiations with the first town guards. I laughed so hard I can't even remember but it was something like "I've got your captain right here" *disembowels horse*
  8. ÚncleƊracula

    Episode 113 — Biker Giants are Dicks

    Mad TV - Honey Dipper Dan: Sorry Dan, I blame your name. There once was a grizzled man - He went by the name of peacekeeper Dan. When nerds got mad stomping their feet, Dan burned them up into some peat. Scared of feelings they hurt, begging for mercy they started to spurt - "didn't mean to upset ya - just said it for fun" Dan said "my feelins don't give a shit and this complaining is done."
  9. ÚncleƊracula

    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    Lyra isn't 100 percent gone either, resurrection spells can be used, although expensive if someone sold their magic item(s) to bring her back that would really reinforce the parties bond of friendship and give them a real reason to stick together.
  10. ÚncleƊracula

    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    I think these guys would still make it entertaining, your threats are of no consequence to me! I would still point out the pink pony magic fireball should be able to cast in the same round! Edit: I don't want tpk but if they run into magic pony lycanithropy...
  11. ÚncleƊracula

    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    Rounds spent to cast per spell level is a pretty huge nerf to casters (telekinesis would take 5 rounds). Spells have a cast time listed with their description and that is only added to initiative roll. That would make higher level spells ineffective and make wizards no fun. sorry for complaining but that rule kicked me in the nerds.
  12. ÚncleƊracula

    Episode 110 — Clown Dog

    Edit: I was wrong but still. When an ad says stop eating pain killers and don't sell them to your neighbors it doesn't mean the person with a broken leg that is taking them responsibly. Was this a joke? I've never heard of medical tobacco before why would medication be omitted until now otherwise? Felt like a trick.
  13. ÚncleƊracula

    Hit Points and Leveling Up

    This is awesome. You may have assumed their character sheets have charts already. incase they don't remember to update your saving throws and thac0s guys.
  14. ÚncleƊracula

    Character Drawings

    can you guess who is who? Of course you can!
  15. ÚncleƊracula

    Episode 109 — Is There A Dingy?

    Rogues in second edition (from memory may need to be confirmed) 1d6 hp per level (constitution bonus if applicable) +60 skill points on first level +30 each level gained after (no more than half to be put into one skill) Skills that can increase with these points all in percent success Move silently Hide in shadows Pick pockets Pick locks Find/remove traps Detect noise Read language Other things that scale on level to watch out for Thac0 Saving throws Back stab multiplier Weapon proficiencies Non weapon proficiencies