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  1. eatin ain't cheatin, unless you're on a strict low calorie diet, that is.
  2. I don't date hockey players anymore, they were always trying to stick it in my five-hole.
  3. Holy guacamole, there's guacamole in my holey!
  4. Why do men have nipples?...so I can nibble on them of course.
  5. Why do men have nipples?...So I can suck them.
  6. Urethra-Franklin

    holy guacamole!

    Holy guacamole! There's guacamole in my holey!
  7. Urethra-Franklin

    To Err Is Human...

    But to foreskin is divine.
  8. Holy guacamole!, theres guacamole in my holey!
  9. Maybe its just me, but for me... being in love is better than soul crushing lonliness.
  10. Urethra-Franklin


    Where's the queef? In Wendy's front butt, of course!
  11. Holy guacamole! there's guacamole in my holey.
  12. Roses are red...Violets are blue... that's probably why violets are always killing themselves.
  13. Urethra-Franklin


    To err is human, but to queef... is hilarious. This is Comedy Bing Bong.