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  1. BrandonLee_29771

    Rocky Vs. Rambo

    I couldn't find a thread relating to this and if there is a better place to be posting this let me know. I wanted to know if anyone has suggested adapting Rocky Vs. Rambo into a radio play (or in this case a podcast play)? I've been reading the script and thought that with some changes and a good narrator it would sound awesome. Get Nick Kroll to play Rocky/ Rambo and Kulap to make elephant noises.
  2. BrandonLee_29771

    Episode 223 β€” Roll Over, Seth Rogen

    Fuck me. I just saw This Is The End. I have new found respect for Seth Rogen. I knew he was funny, I didn't know that he could make ooze tears of laughter. It was one of the first comedy films that didn't blow all it's good jokes in the trailer. I was constantly laughing. The girl next to me was curled into a ball, covering her eyes, and laughing all at the same time. Do your self a favor and go see this film. PS:I have never heard the phrase "titty-fuck" used so much in a major motion picture. I
  3. BrandonLee_29771

    Episode 223 β€” Roll Over, Seth Rogen

    Anyone know if that clip of Brian Huskey making kids laugh from Superbad exists out there in the ether?
  4. BrandonLee_29771

    Episode 222 β€” A Peanut In The Rain

    I love this whole Gillian Jacobs/ Gary Marshall arc. I love how what started out as a stand alone episode has evolved into this bizarre relationship. I just wanted to know if the idea for her to "marry" Mr. Marshall was something that was planned before their first episode together, who something they just came up with during the break?
  5. Hollywood facts: The game. Players are asked various multiple questions about film and television and are. Scott, ever snarky, corrects the players even if they are right. The longer the player goes without figuring out its a stupid bit, the more points they lose. When a player uses an xbox they can point their connect device out the window, and ever time a plane comes into view the game will take a "plane break."
  6. BrandonLee_29771

    Big Brown Moustache

    Nice band name.
  7. BrandonLee_29771

    What guest do you want to see?

    Doc Hammer and Jason Publick of Venture Bro's Fame. Fifth Season starts Sunday, Bitches!
  8. BrandonLee_29771

    Harris' Wikipedia Page

    If some one ever removes that I sentence I will destroy them. Or maybe just put it back. Which ever is easier.
  9. BrandonLee_29771

    End Of Watch

    While there were certainly issues with the cinematography I actually liked the pacing of the film. Whereas in most cop films everyone is super hard and serious all the time, "End of Watch" interspaced the serious side of the job with dirty jokes and bullshitting which seemed more realistic. Plus the villains name is Big Evil. Way to fly in the face of subtly.
  10. BrandonLee_29771

    Number one in...

    Number one in Bull, Horse, and Pig Shit since 2009 AD.
  11. BrandonLee_29771

    Episode 149 β€” C’mon Big Man!

    Just watched that Joe Kapp/ Angelo Mosca fight video. Christ thats just embarrassing. My favorite part is when Joe, after beating the shit out of Angelo, stands in front of the crowd and screams "Sportsmanship!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyoEcbk3EP0
  12. BrandonLee_29771

    Olympus Has Fallen

    Just saw this turd. It reminded me of Airforce One except it took place on the ground, and totally sucked. Some people have brought up White House Down. Wait till that comes out. 'How Did This Get Made?' can compare the two and see which one was better at licking taint.
  13. BrandonLee_29771

    Point Break (1991)

    Kathryn Bigelow's 1991 epic on the art of surfing, robbing banks, and looking good deserves an episode of mockery