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  1. Paintsville

    EPISODE 377 β€” Good Night In The Morning

    While listening to this episode I had to drive 2 hours to get home after midnight on an isolated rural highway. I was tired, it was dark, and I was on a boring road. In addition to being delightfully hilarious, I credit this episode for getting me home safely because I was laughing too hard to doze off and drive into a ravine.
  2. Paintsville

    EPISODE 351 β€” CBB: The Movie

    This was such a great ep, but if they really want to promote HH they need to be on Wolf Den
  3. Paintsville

    EPISODE 333 β€” Pit Stop

    When Jack asked if Spiderman: Turn off the Dark won a Tony, Scott's reaction absolutely destroyed me. In what sounded like a genuinely angry/flustered tone he said something like "WHAT? Are you seriou...NO, not in the least."
  4. Sometimes people should just enjoy things and not think about them so much. Like me with this podcast.
  5. Finally caught up with my backlog of The Reality Show Show and found this podcast. I don't know what comedy bang bang is
  6. Paintsville

    Episode 309 β€” Tony Macaroni

    Holy crap did Claudia and "R. Shrift" play off of each other well. Scott and Jimmy did A+ hosting by asking just the right questions to keep them going. I was more satisfied than a krafty koala at how this episode played out
  7. Paintsville

    Episode 301 β€” They're Twins Jonah!

    This would be a good doorway episode for anyone trying to get into the podcast
  8. Paintsville

    Episode 300 β€” Oh, Golly! You Devil

    Andy Daly somehow managed to make it sound like his characters were talking over one another. He is that good.
  9. Paintsville

    Episode 299 β€” Don’t Hack the SAC

    Was not familiar with Claudia's work before, she was so hilarious in an understated way in this episode. In fact, I was unaware that comedy existed in Australia. Thanks for introducing me to a new continent of comedy! I hope she stops by again, especially since she is probably going to be in this hemisphere indefinitely.
  10. Paintsville

    Episode 286 β€” Time Bobby 3

    I was in the camp of people who saw that there was another Time Bobby installment and initially thought to myself "they are running this into the ground," who was then totally blown away by this episode. I literally considered pulling my car off the road to give a standing ovation after the ZZZIIIIPPP sequence and the Jazz Jazz call back. Next time I doubt Aukerman, PFT, and Bobby Moynihan, slap me with with Daye Javidson's penis.
  11. Paintsville

    Episode 282 β€” Wompster's University

    The mental image of various people waking up in the walk-in freezers of various DC-area colleges thanks to being Baracus'd by Listler had me in stitches.
  12. Paintsville

    Episode 278 β€” Only Tones

    This exchange between Russell Crowe and Scott just destroyed me for some reason: -Imagine I'm a twinkling father figure. The good lord puts $100 in your pocket, what do you do with it? -Uh, spend it? -Wrong. Fuck. -What?
  13. Paintsville

    Episode 272 β€” Sex Party Season

    Do people ever get your name confused with a number>? Like "10"?
  14. I know it goes against the spirit of the thing, but listening to this podcast as I lay in my sensory deprivation chamber was quite enjoyable.