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    Jason Heynongmantzoukas just slipped a 'Heynongman" into tonite's episode of Brooklyn nine-nine. I's very near the end, right after chelsea says "Hey beard-o..." Tits!
  2. Podcastaddict here, also. but its such a great app, i'm not about to switch. I just wait for monday evening or listen on soundcloud...
  3. PFT actually tweeted about this. I can never download them to podcastaddict on my phone til monday evening. - "line 31 column 101: undefined entity"
  4. MossRyder

    Recording on two separate tracks

    i've always just run the skype app on my phone, run the sound to my alesis io4 (4 track DA interface), record to track one. track two is my mic, and im holding the phone nearby so the caller can hear me. wearing headphones of course. the io4 is discontinued but you can find them for $50-75. I got mine from PSSL for $50 new when they were discontinuing them. you could also just do the same to your roland, pan hard L/R, record a stereo tack and split it to 2 mono tracks. splitting a stereo track:(from a message board): "Probably the easiest and simplest way is to use keystrokes, although you are going to have to save a pair of mono files during the process, which involves a 'save as'. So, in EV: Ctrl-A (selects entire file) Ctrl-L (selects LH channel) Edit>Copy to new (no keystroke for this, but you could assign one if you needed to) File>Save As Then go back to your original file (which we are not destroying, incidentally - good practice) using the Window menu (it will be selectable at the bottom of the list), and repeat the process above, only this time using Ctrl-R instead of Ctrl-L"
  5. Last update failed 12/14/2015 - 08:15 At line 31, column 46: undefined entity hmmm... bummer.
  6. MossRyder

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    unfortunately, i couldn't locate a copy of this on youtube, but here it is anyway: http://player.ooyala...-handed-evil%2F "Public School Teacher Forces Student to Write with Right Hand Because Being Left-Handed is “Evil”" (for some reason, I can't embed this:()
  7. Yea, kinda like the Jews circa 1940.
  8. MossRyder

    No tour this year?

    is there no actual cbb tour this year? if not... bummer.
  9. Not a u2 fan, but what was this weeks intro track name?
  10. MossRyder

    Episode 265 — LIVE from RIOT LA

    Closing sentement-off NEEDS to become a regular feature! Traci Rearden also should show up more. A nd why no b-b-b-bonus-s-s jokes in the tv cbb show. love paul's new charac in the live show. long time listener at a library, Moss Ryder
  11. MossRyder

    Snot Lockerman

    'No, No... not the nose!' This is Snot Lockerman and welcome to Comedy Bang Bang...