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  1. mall

    Episode 565 - Racist Dogs

    definitely racist
  2. are they racial stereotypes. that would definitely be racist, to me
  3. hmm. sounds like that fellow would be a damn race traitor and must be stopped
  4. mall

    Episode 31 — Jazz

    great discussion fellas. as a college graduate, Topics always makes me feel like i'm back on the old campus, "shootin' the breeze" anyway jazz is a little too raunchy for me but it was enlightening to hear some fresh new takes
  5. mall

    Episode 29 — The Little Things

    thanks for this fascinating discussion. one interesting point i'd like to raise is how technology might be keeping us from appreciating the "little things". seems like everyone is looking at their damn phone nowadays instead of noticing the "little things" like a funny billboard or a smile from a friendly stranger. just a thought for the next time you're out on the town
  6. haven't listened yet but i heard this fella has a high IQ. can anyone confirm
  7. mall

    Episode 263 — Hollywild

  8. mall

    Episode 310 — Rush Hour

    i never seen this movie but if working together to catch the criminal is racist i dont know what to believe
  9. interesting point. i heard a theory that if you call some one a racist that in fact, your the racist. perhaps that is more relevant than ever
  10. mall

    Episode 305 — Too White

    yes very racist. It makes one wonder, How far have we come as a society?
  11. mall

    Episode 307 — Blackface Panda

    well fellas i looked up this "blackface" and i must say it is very racist