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    Takin tips and and suckin nips. (My comedy can be rough and occasionally needs some help, which is why I compulsively feel the need to always play into my oral fixation vices, i.e. butterscotch candies)
  1. kennygray

    Nightbreed (1990)

    Bad acting / bizarre creatures / overly dramatic performances
  2. kennygray

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    ALAN IVERSON - PRACTICE RANT https://www.youtube.com/embed/eGDBR2L5kzI
  3. Let me start off by saying this, I am a long time listener, and massive fan of all things CBB/Earwolf. I have spent countless hours listening to their podcasts, which is why I have been upset as of late. It seems that Scott has been unable to shake the endless bit style of U Talkin U2 To Me. Harris even called him out on this on Analyze Phish, and got audibly very frustrated. In the recent shows it seems that guests/characters can't even get a few words out without Scott derailing them for an eye rolling bit. And while I know this is his sense of humor, it becomes overbearing, and not funny. Not letting the characters develop, and explain themselves, puts a halt the nonsense that could occur. Just look at Andy Daly, or Nick Kroll. Scott gave them the space to explain themselves, and THEN started prodding and probing for nonsense. I guess I feel like the podcasts are not moving, and being stunted for the sake of... well I don't know... his ego? I love Scott so much, and hope that he is able to reestablish then sense of balance between guest and host! Thoughts?
  4. I've been texting your dad daily, and wow, he has some hard opinions
  5. kennygray

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    The plight of being an engaged youtube sensation! Cheating, hickeys, and mcnuggets! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9E7xICNbFo#t=15
  6. https://soundcloud.c...lugs-food-trugs Plugs & Food Trugs: A Forced Rhyme by Kenny Gray
  7. kennygray

    Pooped My Pants

    I expect it to be a swift trial
  8. NASA paid for my shoes, and so can you
  9. kennygray

    Pooped My Pants

    Kenny Gray & Michael Morrissey of the comedy troupe, The Dude Collective, proudly present... "POOPED MY PANTS" https://soundcloud.c...ants-kenny-gray