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  1. EXCEPT when he yelled "FUCK MY COCK" during his poor showing in the pyramid-type game. That was such a total Veep line that it really tickled me haha.
  2. TJLogic

    EPISODE 105 — Safe Haven

    Am I allowed to say that while I greatly enjoyed hearing the theme "remix" the first couple times, it has subsequently become a huge bummer every time I click play expecting to hear the original classic HDTGM theme? The rap song just seems more like a nice little treat for longtime fans, rather than something that should be the permanent theme for a podcast. I don't hate it at all, but the OG HDTGM song is LITERALLY perfect, in my opinion; it does such an amazing job describing the podcast for how brief it is, and for such a short song it builds to a great climax, IMO. I get wanting to change things up after 4 years, but on the other hand...after FOUR YEARS, that's the one thing I really expect when i turn on How Did This Get Made? IDK, it's a free podcast, so fuck me entirely (esp since Paul gets such a kick out of it every time), but jw if anyone else felt the same.
  3. TJLogic

    Episode 94.5 — Minisode 94.5

    To be fair, let's not judge HDTGM based on the 1 and only episode that is so completely ruined by the "guest" to the point that it's utterly unlistenable. Between "Blackie" and "TAYLOR LAUTNER IS GAY, ALL OTHER POINTS ARE INVALID" I still haven't been able to sit through the entirety of that episode. So can we all agree to pretend it didn't happen? I swear I can't be the only one who doesn't even have it on their itunes. It was gross and as someone who re-listens to the entire HDGTM catalog at LEAST once every 3-6 months, I hate that theres a whole episode that I can't even stomach. Would ignoring it's existence entirely be considered "liberal whitewashing"? Haha. And yeah, the idea of hoping for a black guess is pretty damn reasonable. Especially so if you yourself are black and are cringing at the idea of 4 white people laughing at the silly black people. But as usual Shariq takes it a bit too far - assuming that this is going to be a big racist clusterfuck isn't giving HDTGM enough credit, "Abduction" episode aside. Also, a big point of contention for Shariq seems to simply be that the HDGTM hosts don't care enough about learning the names of black actors? Even though for this episode it seems like (from her own admission) a lot of these actors are in "The Perry Fold", so...why WOULD they know their names? And saying "My hope was that by having a black guest on, someone would point out the actual actor/actress name and maybe even be familiar with other movies they had done before or after"...oddly seems to assume that either only black people know black actors/actresses, or that all black people are so familiar with Tyler Perry that they could "help out", like a Perry IMDB. (That's what it looks like when people make weird racial accusations from the OTHER side.)
  4. So it looks / sounds like I was correct in assuming that the Jimmy Pardo will continue to say "Airwolf" instead of "Earwolf" - unless Scott Aukerman is actually IN THE ROOM with him, haha. Seriously, am I the only one hearing this?!
  5. TJLogic

    Episode 262 — 2013 Holiday Spectacular

    I listened to this sight unseen (regarding the guests, I mean) on an Ipod Shuffle, so being at my desk at work and having the biggest stupid grin on my face for around 2 hours was quite awkward...but fully worth it!!! I had a full "Kid On Christmas" dumb-smile as soon as I heard Dalton Wilcox. A killer end to a killer year. ALSO I CANT FREAKING WAIT FOR THE ANDY DALY PODCAST AND EVERYONE ELSE AGREES
  6. TJLogic

    tonight's vpn episode

    I don't think it's unreasonable to think that it didn't make that top 10 simply because they put it on the Best list every week, and that's "enough"? Like it or not, improv is a somewhat niche market. If you Google "improv podcast", I4H is literally the first result. So if someone wonders "is there a good improv podcast", odds are that person has also heard of the AVClub and/or Google.
  7. were the bleeps only for the N-word? I thought MAYBE I heard one on the K-word, but seemed like just N to me. Either way, I want to feel indignant and free speechy and all that, but...I actually get it; it's literally the one word that is universally a "what the FUCK" word, instead of just a "oh lordy someone said fuck my poor ears." If I was listening to I4H in public and someone heard that...it'd be 10x more embarrassing than any of the sex/bodily fluid related scenes, the word cunt, et all. I'm assuming Matt Besser agreed and doesn't have a huge problem with it, but maybe he will chime in with something different.
  8. TJLogic

    Episode 8 — Who’s Got My Goo Balls?

    THIS. Am I the only one to bring up how insane it is that he hasn't played Stash yet? Only song I've heard from Phish that I genuinely like - not to mention that it actually sounds like a real song. Love this tune so much. It creates such a cool mood and vibe, and is just shy of being the overly glib stuff that turns people off. It actually creates a big, minor key..."mood" by the end of the song. Everything else I've heard from Phish, it's all in major key or goofy modes of major keys, which doesn't really help make the goofy twee lyrics come across any better, esp if they're being sung live. This song sounds...playful? I imagine that they end up creating similar "vibes" at a live show, if you're in for the long haul on a 10-20 minute song/jam, but...
  9. As a lifelong Pokemon fan...it was WAY funnier that they just completely disregarded whatever the hell Pokemon's "rules" might be for the scene. And the Collectible Card Game isn't "just merchandise", it just happens to be a type of card game that literally should not even be legal to sell to children. The CCG is just as much of a "real game", but actually collecting the cards you need to "battle" is...essentially gambling. It's peer pressuring small kids into yelling at their parents to more or less buy packs of lotto scratchers - "boosters" that MIGHT have a card you need/are looking for. I feel really bad that Tim Meadows had to go through the same Pokemon Card Nightmare that my parents did back in 2000.
  10. TJLogic

    Episode 75 — Daredevil

    I watched the Original, then the Director's cut, then this episode in a 48-hour period. WOW. What a ride! Fantastic episode, with a perfect guest. First time I've ever been annoyed by June (in a good way). The fact that she "loved it" but was clearly talking about the theatrical release drove me BONKERS. Because most things she references are actually sorta turned into a lovable thing in the director's cut! In the directors cut, every character is developed by at least 1 extra scene. Motivations are at least 2 dimensional instead of 1. The "Romance" isn't shoehorned in. And the Coolio subplot being edited out literally edits out the entire narrative structure of the film. All those weird disparate scenes actually make complete sense now! Still a weak movie, but it goes from "Only Thing Worse Is Batman & Robin" to "Somewhat Better Than Spiderman 3." If you got sick of hearing the guest reference it, they really aren't exaggerating how much of a different movie it is. It literally turns it INTO a movie. I've never seen anything like it. Theatrical version is more fun as an awful movie, but the DC is (somewhat) genuinely worth watching if bad movies truly upset you.
  11. TJLogic

    Episode 236 — Murderer Heaven

    I created my account just to comment on this thread, but as someone who just moved to the PNW a month ago, I am 100% going to the Seattle show and 100% in need of people to help me party down!! In any case - To all the people talking about how they may or may not be able to wait til the video comes out: If you are a real fan of Boardwalk Empire, then it is REQUIRED that you wait for the video version. The episode is hilarious as audio - but if you are familiar with Richard Harrow, then the fact that PFT is NAILING every single mannerism that Jack Huston does in BE makes pretty much every single line twice as funny. (Also, how many people tried to talk like Richard Harrow? Remarkably difficult. Sorta impossible, actually.)