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    Episode 544 - On Script

    Not that I'm complaining because it was still funny, but the first ad break is FOURTEEN MINUTES LONG, for just TWO ADS. Idk, just an interesting fact.
  2. DavidTaylor

    Episode 424 - Almost Parasites

    I meant to post this earlier, but anyway: I just happened to listen to episode 112 right after this one, which had some strange similarities. For one thing, Al goes through another spiel about how you can't give 110% of yourself to something, but more spookily: there's a segment where Scott and Al talk about remixing Reggie Watts' Comedy Bang Bang theme song, which he then proceeds to do. Was this practice for his eventual takeover on the TV show? Has he been playing the long con for years?
  3. Running is a poor man's walking. Seriously, when was last time you saw a rich man run?
  4. DavidTaylor

    Episode 55 - Land Rover

    I'll just leave this here https://twitter.com/EbanSchlebben
  5. https://soundcloud.c...gital-platforms
  6. America might be fat, but at least we didn't invent sumo wrestling
  7. Jackass of all trades
  8. Antarctica can't arctica
  9. Bakers can't be choosers
  10. Always the bride, never the maid. Always the hoe, never the spade.
  11. Moving mountains out of molehills
  12. DavidTaylor

    Maximum Overdrive

    I saw this movie on Turner Classic Movies a couple weeks ago and let me tell you: it puts the "classic" in TCM. My friends and I even rewatched it a few days ago. It's so good, and there are so many great selling points. Coked-up Stephen King's only directed movie? Emilio Estevez and Yeardley Smith? An original AC/DC soundtrack? Pop machines shooting cans at people's nuts? This movie is perfect for HDTGM.
  13. I'm only 30 minutes in, but I think this movie would be fantastic for How Did This Get Made. I feel like a lot of movies that get picked could be seen as alright, whereas this is just abysmal. The Star Wars similarities are really obvious too. Even the opening shot is clearly ripping off Star Wars. There's so much wrong with this movie, like the makeup and acting. Also, for some reason, humanoid androids talk like robots, while the ship computer sounds just like a human. It also feels like it's the wrong voice, like David Prowse reading his Darth Vader lines. (I don't really know how to embed Youtube videos)