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    HDTGM All-Stars

    I think James Franco needs to be added. He was in Spider-Man 3, and also had the cameo in The Wicker Man. You could also add the entire cast of Fast 5 + 6, but you might not want to go that in depth. Vin Diesel Paul Walker Dwayne Johnson Jordana Brewster Tyrese Gibson Sung Kang Gal Gadot Lucacris Else Pataky Think that's all of them. I guess the same could be done for Twilight, but I don't want to look up the cast of that junk. Then of course there are the HDTGM All-Star Directors! M. Knight Shyamalan (The Last Airbender and After Earth) Justin Lin (Fast Five + Six) Joel Shumacher (Batman and Robin + Trespass) Bill Condon (both Twilight's)
  2. AlexHope


    Baby Tom Cruise was absolutely abysmal in the movie, one of the worst acting performances I have ever seen. Although I did like how they had the characters attempting to kill each other in order to change the deaths plan, or whatever BS they gave us. That and the prequel twist was kind of cool, even though I saw it coming midway through the movie. Oh and you can't forget Tony Todd; he is just a scary person, with an awesome voice for any horror movie.
  3. AlexHope

    Getaway (2013)

    In the vain of Paronoia I believe this weeks Getaway deserves a recommendation based on being one of the worst reviewed movies ever. It just received it's second "fresh rating", and now is at at a mere 2% ratings (2.7 average); which is even worse than Paranoia's 3% and 3.7 average. Off the top of my head the only movie (in wide release) I know that has a lower 0% rating is Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, and the difference is insignificant (2.6 average). I think Selena Gomez is ripe for the show, especially when she keeps taking roles that could shed her Disney image (namely this and Spring Breakers). Also it's pretty obvious Hawke is in desperate need of money, and is pretty much willing to take any role these days as long as it pays. Then of course there is good ol' Jon Voight who I don't think has been in a good movie for 40 years (or at least acted well in one). Hard to believe this is the same guy from Deliverance, Coming Home, and Midnight Cowboy. It's going to be fun to see if it even finishes in the top ten at the box office this week, when there is very little competition against it. Will Disney Channel fans really be willing to buy tickets to this awful flick? Now I realize no one in their right mind would ever choose to watch trash like this, as it might not even be bad enough to be good, but someday when it hits home video it might be worthy of being fodder for the show. Forgot, this is also from the guy who directed Dungeons and Dragons and An American Haunting, two other notoriously bad movies. Since then he's stuck to straight to DVD movies, which is probably what Getaway should have been, but with Gomez attached to the movie I guess they thought they could sneak it into theaters late in the Summer, in hopes people with nothing better to do would fall into their trap and see it. Whoops didn't see that someone had already recommended it, sorry about that.
  4. There sure is a lot of convenient rain scenes in this movie for some reason.
  5. AlexHope


    Not to defend Lohan, but unlike Cyrus Lohan was once quite good at her chosen career path; The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls were all very good movies and she performed quite well in them. Furthermore I thought Lohan was legitimately smoking hot back in the day, while Cyrus was never as attractive in comparison. Cyrus was't all that good before or after this trainwreck, she's sort of like the musical version of Tara Reid. Lindsay Lohan>>>Miley Cyrus.
  6. AlexHope

    DAREDEVIL (2003)

    Not for nothing, but the Directors Cut of Daredevil is actually quite good. It's worth a second look for those who were on the fence about the movie like I was initially.
  7. AlexHope

    Episode 69.5 — Minisode 69.5

    I have to say the crazy backwards face legitimately creeped me out in the movie. I dunno if the guy made out the back of his freak head to look like that, or maybe he's some sort of Siamese twin from Tales from the Crypt, or perhaps most likely he sculpted the head from some guy the villagers killed but it was pretty messed up. What blew my mind was the end of the movie (not the lack thereof of not having an ending). First off I couldn't believe this was based on a book, who knows what liberties the movie took, but I can't honestly believe an author was crazy enough to think up combining gymnastics and karate on his own. So I guess he wrote a book about terrorists and "The Game", and then Kurt Thomas came along and they crafted the craziness for the movie. Also it was sort of strange to feel this was a happy ending when this was all about America wanting to install a Star Wars missile defense installation in this miserable country. Knowing that Russia probably invaded Parmistan and killed everyone in the village after the movie ended is upsetting. One thing I must say is that the movie surprisingly flew by for me. The only slow part was the scene with the terrorists in which one terrorist slowly chased down our heroes down various alleyways and tried to gun them down (horribly missing each time). The same thing kept happening over and over again, which was incredibly boring. It wasn't like they were dodging the bullets or anything either, they were just running in a straight line and the terrorists kept missing. Oh and I also loved that Thomas kept running ahead of the Princess letting her take much of the gunfire; what kind of a heroic figure does that?
  8. True, but it would be interesting to hear their take on a Nic Cage movie they actually liked for once.
  9. AlexHope


    Don't forget The Tommyknockers! I know it was originally a TV movie, but I remember watching it years back and wanting to kill myself because of the inane plot and overall terribleness of the movie. I fell asleep just past the midway point only to wake up for the fucked up ending. It was probably the worst ending I have ever seen in a movie; plastic aliens, contrived climax that made no sense, then Jimmy Smits blows up the alien ship with his mind (with him in it). What a piece of shit; I've hated Smits ever since that night. Oh and I forgot about the lipstick laser and the pop machine that kills a character. I would never dare read the book, but whoever thought this crap up should never be allowed near a movie set ever again.
  10. Just a few off the top of my head 1. LXG. Gotta agree with the OP, but please don't go calling it The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and confuse it with the Alan Moore series. 2. The Avengers. Not the good Avengers, but the boring piece of crap with Ray Fiennes, Uma Thurman, and Connery from the 90s. It's a boring movie sure, but a lot of insane crap does occur during the movie. 3. The Lost World Jurassic Park, or better yet Jurassic Park III. A lot of people seem to forget how crazy Jurassic Park III was because it was mostly forgotten after The Lost World, but a ton of stupid shit happens during JPIII that enraged me both as a fan of dinosaurs and Jurassic Park. Might as well save it for when Jurassic Park IV comes out, but it does deserve the treatment. 4. Paranoia. Not going to bother seeing this garbage, but with one positive review out of 52 (and climbing) this one is even worse than Abduction. I always love when they kill current movies, especially the ones no one in their right mind would ever seeing. 5. Piranha 3D. Posted previously about it, but I think it should be in the same class as Crank, Punisher War Zone, and the Fast Movies. It's a pretty excellent Jaws knockoff, with a ton of crazy characters and events that occur during the movie. Oh and of course anything with Nic Cage! Did anyone ever watch Sonny, the movie he directed a few years back? Maybe that would work, if it's as crazily bad as one might expect. Although on that note I did watch The House of D directed by David Duchovny, and that movie is flat out crazy bad. Sort of boring though, but it could work as well.
  11. AlexHope


    I disagree, there are so many out of this world moments they can talk about regarding the film. Aside from some of the crazy characters in the film (O'Connell, Dreyfuss, Lloyd, Roth, Rhames), there are tons of moments that can be dissected in the movie. The large majority of the movie is absolutely insane; heck they could spend an entire podcast just on what happens in the ending of the movie alone. I of course agree that the moments are absolutely intentional, but you can say the same in movies like Crank, Punisher, and much of Drive Angry (which the trio all seemed to embrace for the most part);. I am not saying they should do it to critique the movie, but instead just embrace the insanity. Sharknado is legitimately a bad movie, and I for one am not entirely sure it was made that way intentionally, but Piranha 3D knew exactly how to take the concept of a Jaws ripoff and almost smashed it out of the park imo. It even scored a 73% on Rottentomatoes with Peter Travers praising it "Piranha 3D ends the summer on a note of shamelessly entertaining B movie bottomfeeding. Man-eating fish, blood everywhere, full frontal nudity, girl-on-girl action, a hard R rating, tacky 3D added after the fact, actors who look like they want to kill their agents, and a chance to laugh at everything in sight." Plus in all honesty much like Crank 2 it features numerous pornstars, only this time they all meet their maker.
  12. AlexHope


    Just wanted to give this thread a bump since I would love to have an episode made on Piranha. I was listening to couple of older podcasts in which Paul briefly mentioned some of the things that went on while filming the movie, so thought I'd come on here and see if there were any intentions on making this episode. I understand that there might be some a conflict of interest regarding the movie, and that Paul wouldn't want to speak poorly about the movie, but that shouldn't be a major issue considering Piranha 3D is legitimately one of the greatest bad movies made in recent years. I went to a screening of the movie and absolutely adored it; for my money it's better than Crank, Punisher War Zone, Drive Angry, the Expendables movies, and most other B movies that have gained a cult following since it was released. In addition to that Piranha is only one of a few very select movies that worked better in 3D (honestly Avatar and Dredd 3D are the only other ones that comes to mind). I know there are a ton of other movies out there for the taking, but I hope someday you'll consider doing this one on the podcast, and put it in a positive light much like with Crank, Punisher, and the Fast movies. It wouldn't even feel forced either, as both fans and critics loved the movie.