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    Music Episode Suggestion: Sam Russo A great musician Sam Russo (guy with a guitar) from the UK will be in California in mid July. I tweeted Russo and Besser about it. Russo replied with an instant "yes." No word from Besser but I'm sure he's too busy for twitter. Not sure where to go from here, but his style would definitely fit considering past guests. Anyone know how to get the bookers of the show to look into this? Not sure how official this forum is because I haven't used it before.
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    Skinner (1993) A decent-looking lad called Dennis Skinner rents an apartment in a couple's house, Kerry and Geoff. At night he roams the streets with a goodie-bag filled with knives looking for victims to skin, constantly followed by the hobbling, wobbling junkie Heidi who was mutilated by him and is now looking for revenge. Dennis is attracted to Kerry and wants to show her the real him. Starring Ted Raimi Ricki Lake (The talk show lady) Traci Lords (A former porn star) David Worshofski Writer Paul Hart-Wilden (who has written 2 horror shorts, 1 feature horror (Skinner), 1 feature thriller, and another screenplay that has yet to become a movie in his film career since 1989!) Director Ivan Nagy (he's done directing for a bunch of tv movies and some porn) This has all of the ingredients to be made fun of. IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114466/ Amazon Reviews http://www.amazon.com/Skinner-Ted-Raimi/dp/6304724802/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top