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  1. It was nice to hear my Trumpet Guy remix opening the show.
  2. whats_it_to_you_scott

    Episode 66 — A New Awakening

    The glowing hand never actually belonged to Sir Richard, it was "The Hand Of Bahamut". So it's probably Bahamut himself who helped the rats escape.
  3. whats_it_to_you_scott

    Episode 108 — I Do Muther-F-N-improv!

    "Turn on the boombox, I've got some Iron Maiden..." ... starts singing Iron Man
  4. whats_it_to_you_scott

    a special thread for thomas

    Greggy, you owe Matt a really fantastic story for the show in order to pay back that ill-gotten shoutout. Do it.
  5. whats_it_to_you_scott

    Angry Jerk yelling at Trumpet player ELECTRONIC MIX by request

    Ha ha, my username is a reference to Scott Aukerman. When it said, "what would you like your screen name to be?" my answer was "whats it to you, scott?"
  6. whats_it_to_you_scott

    Episode 106 — Rainbow Party Pitch

    I went ahead and made the Trumpet Critic remix as requested. :)
  7. whats_it_to_you_scott

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Mayor Ford uses a fake name to argue with a call-in show.
  8. Hey everybody. I heard Matt Besser was looking for a sweet techno remix of the angry yelling douche. hope you like it!
  9. Here's my submission! Wink Wink! https://soundcloud.com/schaded/pluuugggss