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  1. Just played "Drakar och Demoner". Weird name? Swedish.


    It's like regular D&D but the world is more based on swedish folklore. Great art style for all the books and such. Google it!


    Swedish folklore is hard core.

  2. Ha Sark/Bruce Willis i missed it the first time. Classic.



    OOh i live show. And it is based in LA... Hmmm....


    Oh and to make everyone mad its 63 degree here at 0141 in the morning..... just thought id share.

  3. Nerd poker has gotten me into D&D. I had never played before, but always wanted too. After hearing this show I was totally hooked. I got a group of friends together and started DM'ing a D&D 4e game. WoTC should pay you guys a finders fee I swear!


    Anyway... I'm really looking for other good RPG podcasts. I drive A LOT and Nerd Poker is just over too fast. Anyone have any other good suggestions?



    Glad your trying DnD but 4th..... ugg.. 2nd ed all the way.

    T.H.A.C.O. do i need to say more.

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  4. I think personally when they were on the air world and killed one of the large ones. That killed me, the descrpition of Sir Richard holding his hand out a a big wet slimy ladyparts looking thing slurped his hand... i had to pull over... Haha

    Then Zizu was sad aww "we killed a large one" hashahaha

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  5. Bah Lawful Good is overrated.

    Plus no one would of known Damien told the creature to attack.... common guys better roleplaying....

    But Mildred's use of her magic hat was very nice.


    To Quote Darth Helmet "Now you know that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb."