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  1. So. im going to make spell charts for the casters. just so i will stop going crazy when they start practicing magics. we can have memorized spell lists for Blackie and Damien.

    I will try to whip them up this weekend. Hopefully to end my irritation....

  2. Suuuper busy at work so I haven't been able to draw anything until now. I'm not gonna skip any episodes, but here's one piece that's a week too late. Just 20 min work but I guess it gives an impression? :P It's the dwarven city from afar. R0X5Jt5.jpg

    That sir is a Crazy amount of talent. 20 min!!

    I salute you good sir!

  3. snapback.pngGustaf

    Great Work man!! Holy Crap!!


    Good show sir... Good show..


    The ships remind me of the Stewart Cowley books. Great Space Battle, Terra Trade Authority, SpaceWreck... such cool pictures.


    Good work man.

  4. Udo Trondoor's epic party! \m/ \m/







    WHooooo there Mustaine as a Gnome..... common you cant make the best thing to ever come out of metallisuck. a Gnome....


    Other than that i agree..... Good To see the man on the silver mountain agin..

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  5. I dug the part when Brian was trying to say, "Well of course I would have been relearning my spell." Very true to life D&D PC comment. Was not surprised when Sark shut his ass down! :-)


    Oh to be back in the land of Glinishmore!



    story of my mage life....


    'yes i was memerizing spells......why wouldnt i?'

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  6. Bah Bards worst class ever.....

    Well in 1rst it was cool... i believe you had to be 5th fighter 5th rouge 5th mage before you could go to bard....

    I may be mistaken.


    Never played pathfinder but i hear good things.