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  1. her there poor and uniform in the crib, like a wee angel, and YOU CUNTS like horrible lobster men clicking and side stepping up Life's rock pooled shore, TARGERS!!!! brazened targers the lot of you. and my poor wee sick niece and her with the job mind you
  2. this is a 2010 world cup catchphrase
  3. Conversely speaking, u talentless twat
  4. KrangkaDelic

    "So long, Norman."

    - that's what she said.
  5. NEXT WEEK: 6 pastries that can make you gay, and Cat Williams Vs Kat Power Vs Charlotte Church in a church.
  6. A little, John ...not much - though i was made marry him.
  7. And yet fawn about their feet he does, in the court of the ceaselessly foreign king
  8. Pay them lip service at best through grinning theatrical publicities, but they must surely remain at bay from our races core.
  9. Turns out twas neither. Just the breeze!